December Holiday Television Specials: Poll Results

“How much is enough?” was the question, and there were only three choices attached to my last poll.  Let’s re-visit, shall we?

  • Enough? There’s no such thing as enough! The more the merrier. I watch all of them!
  • Oy! I feel overwhelmed! Every week between the networks and public television–too many!
  • Holiday specials? What holiday specials? I’ve never really paid attention. I’m oblivious.

The third choice proved the most popular.  Ha!  I know you’re all just playing with me because I know you know the holiday television specials are in heavy rotation every December.  If it’s not a special on public television, and believe me, I love public television (I am a supporter of the end-of-year fundraising appeals, Brit Coms and documentaries), then it’s a pop or country music (what no heavy metal?) Christmas carol extravaganza.

My choice: Definitely the second one — too many specials.  But, I guess if we didn’t have them, it wouldn’t feel like the holidays.

Although the “holidays” are drawing to a close, you’re still welcome to vote!

Until next December!


We have a leader and her name is Riley.

ATTENTION:  There’s one mad little girl and she’s not going to take it anymore!  You want to force feed her stuff that you think she should like without consequences, well, bring it because she’s going to bring it!  Manufacturers and marketers, you’re on notice.

Can’t a girl get toys without all the “pink stuff”?!  And, hey, what’s with all the princesses?!  Hello, what does a girl have to do to get a superhero up in here?!

We have a leader and her name is Riley.  Move over, Gloria Steinem.  She’s a pint-sized, fist-pumping (in the toy aisle) feminist.  My girl, Riley, is mad as h#ll and she is not going to take it anymore!

Sister, I hear you!  I’m not saying get rid of all the “pink stuff”, but what if you’re a girl and you don’t like pastels?!  I mean, I don’t like pastels!  Ugh.  They totally clash with my aura.  It’s like as soon as anyone hears, “It’s a girl!” everything is poofy, and “fru fru” and pastely-pinky.  There are other colors!

I’m ready to vote for this girl.  Where do I sign up?
(Thanks, HuffPo.)

That’s what I’m saying, girl!  Preach!  Too funny.