And the Grammy Nominations are Out!

Happiness!  The 54th Grammy Awards nominees were announced, and my soulful Adele received six nominations.  I went to her concert this year, luckily before she had to cut her tour short for throat issues.  She is AMAZING in concert.  She doesn’t need a studio to sing.  I mean, she belted out songs on that stage and you could hear the raw talent.  I was on my feet all night.  Fits right into the “worth every penny” category.

Congratulations, Adele!  Girl, you can sing!

P.S.  Bruno Mars was nominated also.  I love his pompadour.  And I’m sending a “big ups” to fellow Caribbean princess, Rihanna, who was also nominated.

P.P.S.  I would be shocked if Heavy D didn’t receive recognition at the awards ceremony.   Rest in peace, Dwight.


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