Business Dysfunction in the 21st Century?

Try as I might to enlighten and almost plead with those who are the Power Players where I work, no one is listening.  They’re hearing me, but they’re not listening.  (sigh) When you look around and other businesses seemingly are moving several steps forward and you’re not, doesn’t that bother you?  Shouldn’t that bother you?  I guess not.

You heard this at one time or another right?  “If all your friends were going to jump off a bridge, would you jump off  a bridge too?”  Well, probably not.  I’m not advocating that the Powers-That-Be do everything suggested, but geez, how can you run a business in the 21st century and not pay attention to not just profits and losses, but also to “new” influences on business like social media, for example?  The customers aren’t going to walk into your store because you say you have the best customer service, you have to demonstrate the behavior and provide proof.  Sure…Take our word for it!  Right.  Customers have a myriad of choices.  They don’t need you.  They’re not happy, they move on.  Next.  So, don’t advertise.  Don’t provide any value-add benefits.  Don’t even look at social media.  Don’t do anything.  Just keeping saying that you have the best customer service and continue to hear the grumbles from the worker bees year after year of not making the dollars.  Let’s see where that get’s you.

Sometimes you just can’t help people.

Any business owners out there?  Any entrepreneurs?  What are your thoughts?  (And keep it clean people.  This space is not “MA” rated.)


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