Rinse. Stir. Repeat?

I just had to share this one:  If someone sends you the same card every year for the holidays — I’m talking the same design, the same wording — what would you think?  Would you think they were crazy?  There’s someone who thinks this is perfectly acceptable and normal.  Really?  So, you (i.e. the “crazy person”) would want to get the winter-themed snowflake card, the Kwanzaa card, the Hanukkah card with the menorah on the front or the Nativity themed-card with, “Here’s wishing you and yours a happy holiday,” every December?  Rinse. Stir. Repeat?  Surely, you jest.  If that’s the case, and since you think your friends, family, business associates and colleagues are just waiting eagerly for your same-card-as-last-year-card, then truly, you are crazy!

Don’t waste your money buying a new card.  Just ask them to return the card you sent them the year before with the envelope and put a new stamp in the corner, tape it up and re-mail.  Better yet.  Just ask them to keep the card, and every year, put it back up on the mantle or holiday display table.  It would be like the decorations.  Take them out, use them, put them away, take them out again.  Recycling at its best.

And this person was serious as a heart attack.  There was no sarcasm.  There was no, “Har har, I’m so funny.”  This person is a full-fledged professional who to the outside world would seemingly have it together.

Madness.  Just plain madness.


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