Have you ever seen someone at the door of your office and thought: “O-oh”?

Year-end at work is not for the meek or the weak.  Before the books close and we all say goodbye to the old year and ring in the new, things need to get done.  December weeks are tough.  High-Intensity Mondays turn into High-Intensity Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  No one seems to have patience for nonsense–at least, I don’t.  I know what’s waiting on my desk before I even get there.

I’m plowing through the work today–I mean, I’m movin’, I’m shakin’, I’m getting things done.  I’m on fire.  The morning flies by–I go out and grab some lunch (a slice of eggplant pizza…it’s been a long, long time since I’ve had one of those…so yummy).  I devour the thing.  It’s a good thing I have an office.  Behind closed doors, no-one can see me woofing down my $4.00 slice.  Once that’s over with and I have enough fuel to keep me going, it’s back to work.  The afternoon would be a toughy.  I was still working on a foreign language piece that needed to get out today–but in the end, didn’t. (Circumstances beyond my control.)  Of course, it would be a foreign language that I don’t speak or read, which makes it extra special.  Then, of course, I’d be pulling in mailing lists–an absolute time-drain and one of my least favorite things to do–not to mention making sure everything in the Hieroglyphics-looking text from the original matched the secondary version.  It was all making my head hurt.  Separately and unrelated, I also had to create a holiday piece.  Deadline, of course, today, which would require me to run out of the office later to play photographer on the streets of New York City in the midst of the tourist chaos.

So, I’m stressing…just a little.  I sense a presence, and I look up.  There’s a person at my office door, and not just any person, The Person.  O-oh.

This is one of the last people I need to see to today because on top of a mailing list being an absolute time-drain, this person will suck the tick-tock out of any clock.  Before I could even cross my legs, close my eyes, whip my head back and forth and Genie my way out of the office, The Person took a seat in my visitor’s chair.  (I find it ironic at this point that the last visitor I want to see is now sitting, legs crossed as if they plan on staying for a while–Oh God–in my “visitor’s chair”.)

“This will only take a minute,” are the words I hear.  “I know people always come to you at the last minute for things, and I try not to be one of those people.”

Twenty-minutes later with about 1,000 “ahs” later to rival a pilot reporting from a flight deck, the visitor leaves me with something I need to handle now.  Sometimes I wish I had a bouncer at my office door.  Someone about 6′ 5″ – 7′, big and burly, dressed in all black wearing dark Aviators ready to keep “visitors” out.  The “this would only take a minute” turned into a total of 45 minutes.  Not bad, but not what I was counting on when I still had to go running around the streets of New York City in the early darkness snapping “holiday” photos, and return to the office!

What’s with people and, “This will only take a minute,” when they clearly know that I know that it won’t?


One thought on “Have you ever seen someone at the door of your office and thought: “O-oh”?

  1. Next time …. try an onslaught of uncontrollable sneezing while fashionably displaying an empty bottle of sanitizer and an empty prescription bottle.

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