Should I whip out my glue gun?

Last year, at the height of the crazy New York autumn/winter seasons, I finally had to break down.  I had to get rid of my favorite pair of Wellies (that’s Wellington water boots).  A few years before, I’d purchased a funky pair from London.  Mind you, I didn’t have to get on the plane to get them.  They were sent to me.  Unfortunately, a dime-sized hole slowly turned into silver dollar-sized hole, which then turned into crater.  I refused to get rid of it until it got to that point.

I was a little stubborn about the whole (no pun intended) thing.  Months and months passed and enough rainy days with my feet in socks within a Ziploc freezer bag stuffed into my boots.  Ziploc is so much more than just for food.  So much more.  (Maybe I should give them a call–I could be a spokesperson.)  I figured, it’s plastic, supposedly Ziploc keeps things fresh–and secure.  Well, it worked…sort of.  It kept rain water from soaking my feet, but cold (no, freezing) rain water or melting snow doesn’t help your feet to keep warm–even in plastic.  Can you say, frost bite?

I wasn’t convinced I’d find a suitable replacement, but off the shops I went.  After several hunting sessions, I settled on a new pair.  Fast forward to where we are today, one year later, and I’m again hunting for a new pair!  Another hole….grrrrr.  I tried not to have do this over again, and so soon, but I decided not to pursue my idea of using caulk (yes, the sticky stuff you use to tile your bathroom or kitchen backsplash) to seal the hole at the seam where the rubber had separated.  I think it could work, but with the rainy weather we’ve been having, I simply cannot afford to go through another box of Ziploc freezer bags.  So, a new pair is in order.

You know, last year I used my handy, dandy glue gun to fix a pair of cute flats I couldn’t part with…I wonder…hmmmm….


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