Like Manna from Heaven and a Frenzied Dim Sum Joint in Chinatown: The Lord & Taylor Holiday Sales

Lord & Taylor, a holiday sale with an additional 25% off coupon…Priceless.

I was on the hunt for a replacement pair of Wellies.  The other pair had to go.  Rest in peace.  As fate would have it, Lord & Taylor would be having a sale this week.  Sweet.  There’s nothing like a Lord & Taylor sale during the holidays.  Nothing.  Sure, other department stores have sales, but hands down, if you’re a hot chica with a desire for a nicer collection of shoes than the budget stores will provide, run, don’t walk, to the second floor of the Lord & Taylor flagship store in New York City on Fifth Avenue.  But be prepared, with a city of almost 9 million, with probably more than half of those being women, there are hot chicas everywhere and…theymeanbusiness…when it comes to the L&T shoe department.

I had my “game face” on when I headed to Lord & Taylor in the pouring…and I mean, pouring…rain last night.  Once I got off the elevator on the second floor, it was like: Charge!  The place was packed.  It truly was like a frenzied dim sum joint in Chinatown.  Yes, it was that busy on a Wednesday night.  There were women everywhere, I’m serious, and they all looked like me–on a mission.  There was only one problem with this mission.  The sale didn’t officially start until today, Thursday.  But, leave it to Lord & Taylor to make sure that all isn’t lost.  Solution:  Buy now.  Pick up later.  So, that’s what I did.  I found my replacement Wellies and–wait for it…the hottest, rockin’-est pair of black, suede, 5″ platform booties.  A must have for the girl on the go in Nueva York this season.  All I had to do was pick them up on my way to work this morning.  They held them in pre-sale storage overnight.

But, let’s back up.  When I saw those booties, and slipped them on my feet, they were like buddah (not “butter” or “buttah”–Jamaican-style, more the “Saturday Night Live” Linda Richmond “kwawfee tawk” New York-style).  They were like manna from Heaven.  Ahhhhhhhh…  Yes, like that.  I can’t wait to wear them.  And there’s no time like tomorrow.  I’m not putting them on pause.  They need to be worn ASAP.

These booties are so fierce, and not in a “I look fierce” kind of way but in a “I AM fierce” kind of way.

Tomorrow’s temperature:  Low to mid 40s Fahrenheit / 3 – 7 degrees Centigrade with partly sunny skies and only a 20% chance of rain.

Fingers crossed, I’ll be fiercely fabulous tomorrow in my 5″ booties as I head to one of many holiday parties this December.  And the sweetest deal of all:  I got Wellies and my smokin’ hot booties at rock-bottom prices.  Happiness!

How can a girl not love these?! Five inches of stiletto fierceness!


2 thoughts on “Like Manna from Heaven and a Frenzied Dim Sum Joint in Chinatown: The Lord & Taylor Holiday Sales

  1. Did u get me a pair so I can wobble along in Canada, yes girl they are fierce, so are we wearing leggings and micro mini with them to get the full effect????

    • Haha! Would you believe that I got the last pair? Like winning the lottery. No micro minis…a black dress. Can’t go wrong. Although we’re south of the Canadian border, it’s still freezing in these parts!

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