Tweeting: This is not for the birds

I’ve been tweeting.  It’s not as simple as it looks, but I’m a quick read and a fast learner.  I’m eager and excited by the possibilities of the medium, but whoa, between the trending, the following, the RTs, the # and the @, I’m thinking: What the heck is all this stuff?!  But, that hasn’t stopped me.  I’m tweeting, and I like it.

To tweet or not to tweet? That is the question.

140 characters or less.  Many would think that it would be difficult, at least, for me.  Ha!  So much you know!  That’s not the difficult part.  It’s the, “What’s trending now?” question.  “Should I use the ‘pound’ or ‘hashtag’ symbol here or the ‘at’ symbol’?”  “I want to retweet…now, how do I do that, and when I do, do I give credit to the original poster?”  “Should I follow everybody?”  “Who are those characters who want to follow me?  Are they truly interested in the @brainypintsizer or just plain creepy?”

There are millions of people on Twitter.  Some tweeters (those who tweet) are a little disturbing like teenagers–and young ones too.  Are their parents watching?  Do they even know what Twitter is, how to use it, and most importantly, how to monitor it?  I hope so.  Between the saucy remarks and profanity, there’s actually some really good information related to life in general, careers, entertainment, health, academia, NGOs, politics and politicians.  But, you pretty much have to sift through an endless array of tweets in order to find quality.  This requires patience.  It is a 140 characters of a mish-mash of millions of messages.

So, I’m sitting, watching I guess, a re-run of the Larry King special last night, “A Dinner with Kings“, and seated around the table is an interesting mix of who’s who in media and entertainment, including the one and only, Jack Dorsey.  If you’re wondering, Jack Dorsey is the 35-year old founder/creator of Twitter.  I’m looking at this guy–who frankly, is a bit cerebral and compared to the others around the table looked the most uncomfortable–and I’m thinking: “What a brilliant mind.  How in the world did he come up with this thing called Twitter?”  I have to give the guy props.  It is really incredible that someone could be sending out messages to millions from the tiniest part of the world in “real-time”.

I’m not the least bit interested in the “I’m stopping at Starbucks” or the “I’m awake” tweets (yes, people do tweet that stuff).  So far, I’ve been able to keep up-to-date on topics like the Euro Zone and the breakdown of talks between the Brits and Brussels.

Unless it is part of your job, I don’t see how one could possibly have the time to dish out 140 characters on a daily basis every 30 seconds.  But, I admit, it has been fascinating.

I’m feeling good:  I’m already 50 tweets and counting!

@brainypintsizer Tweets!


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