The company holiday party: Let the awkwardness begin.

O-oh.  Here we go again.  You would think you would get used to this, after all, doesn’t it take place e-v-e-r-y year?  Yes.  But it doesn’t mean you get used to it.  It’s like an annual invasive procedure.

Bring on the punch–and spiked.

Here’s the thing about company holiday parties:  You see these people perhaps more than your own family, but they’re not your family, they are your co-workers.  Once you throw a party into the mix, sometimes things get a little murky.  You may let your guard down…too much.  (Oh God, will I ever live down the ‘Electric Slide’ from 2008?  Or was it 2009?)  I don’t know about you, but I feel a little strange, weird even, to wear even the slightest, sparkly or shimmery outfit.  Somehow something silky would be way too risky–too revealing.  (I think it’s dangerous, and not in a good way.)  People tend to get a little chummy…asking questions they wouldn’t normally ask.  (No, you don’t need to know what I do after hours, and other than the “surface” information you may know about my family and personal life, you do not need to know anything else, capisce?)

Now that the company holiday party season has started, let the awkwardness begin.

Mine’s tomorrow.  Wish me luck.


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