Saturday: Zero to 60 in 60…Well, not quite but it sure felt like it.

I was prepared from the night before…I knew I had a full plate on Saturday, so I was up and raring to go in the morning.  I practically sat up from my sleep.  Yes, whoop — Up!

Something or someone must have been against me.

Okay, now for some necessary “TMI” (Too Much Information):  One of my legs got twisted in the comforter and sheets on the bed and I went face first off the bed into my almost 5 foot giant teddy bear (yes, he’s a fixture) seated on the floor.  (It’s a good thing he’s plush.)  Stunned, yes, but I wasn’t out.  I shook it off.

My little incident turned out to be the first of two of the morning.

Okay, another bit of “TMI”:  I get out of the shower, I’m rushing to get dressed and I put on my knee-length socks and I’m pulling on my leggings and my toe gets caught somehow, and now I’m hopping and fall back on the bed, one leg in, the other leg caught with my toe stuck.  Great.  Finally, a few tugs here and there, and success — all feet and toes become fully visible.

Now, I’m frantic, but I get myself together and run out the door and head towards the shops in town.  Oh, yes, I failed to mention:  Even before getting on the train I needed do some local (i.e. in the neighborhood) shopping for a gift.  So, that was another little adventure.  I ended up in a store, and when one of the salespersons walked over and said, “Can I help you with something?”, out of my mouth came, “Yes, I need a gift, and I need it in 5 minutes.”  (She looked at me like I had five heads.)

Not only did I find a gift, but I made it to the train station with 8 minutes to spare.

But let’s back up here:  Who has a face plant and an altercation with leggings in the morning?

Fast forward:  My train is pulling into the station in the city.  I have 20 minutes to get to my appointment, and unfortunately for me, I’m going to have to contend with obstacles:  The station overcrowding, the inability to take the short cut out of the station because it isn’t accessible to the public on the weekends, and it’s going to take me at least 7 minutes to get out of the darned station, which means, if I don’t sprint like Usain Bolt to my appointment 18 blocks away, I’m going to be late.

Why is this happening to me?

I make it my appointment huffing and puffing — actually, I was sweating — while sipping cold water with ice I’d brought with me, and nevermind that it was barely in the 40s Fahrenheit / 5s Centigrade.  I couldn’t wait to sit in a chair when I arrived. I was a little winded.

My appointment was over, and then I had to run to my office.  I’d unfortunately forgotten my hat there on Friday, and it was freezing and I needed it.  That was easier said than done. I had to fight (and I mean, fight) my way through the tourists to get to my office, and I wasn’t looking forward to having to do it again on the return.

After that was over, it was off to another appointment in a sprint.  Got to that appointment, then somehow got drawn to church (an unplanned stop in my day), stayed there for a little while and then jetted to to the holiday market at Grand Central Terminal and then to the holiday market at Bryant Park, and then back to Grand Central with 5 minutes to spare before my train had to leave.

I’m surprised I wasn’t wheezing when it was all over.  It sure felt like zero to 60 in 60 seconds, but it wasn’t.


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