Running out of time: Holiday shopping on steroids.

Anyone who knows me knows several things, and one of them is: I believe in pre-planning, planning, and re-planning.  I need to do things way beforehand and I don’t need the thrill or the excitement (or the raised blood pressure) of doing things at the last minute.  (Which is the reason why I need to start planning for my cousin’s graduation now.  Already I feel like I’m way behind with only about five months to go.)  Okay, where was I?  Oh, yes, so it’s all about planning.  So, you can imagine how I felt when I knew I was only a few days away from Hanukkah, and a week before Christmas, and I hadn’t done any shopping.  Nothing.

Can you spell “running out of time”?  P-A-N-I-C.

I had a plan and a strategy of how I was going to make my deadline for all the shopping I needed to get done.  With full days at work and end-of-year lunches and dinners, somehow, some way, I’d have to fit shopping in at critical points.  When I tell you that I walked until my feet, not just my body, were exhausted, I’m not kidding.  Of course, I’m used to walking.  That’s my life in the city.  But, add to a day’s normal “walking pattern” runs back and forth to lunches (don’t roll your eyes, this is not just about pleasure — this is business), back and forths to dinners, and walks from Midtown Manhattan to the Upper East Side, back to Midtown East, West, South — Oy vey!

I hit every Midtown holiday market (St. Barts, Grand Central Terminal, Bryant Park).  I was back and forth to Lord & Taylor.  I even went to Bloomingdale’s.  Yes, Bloomingdale’s, and I’m not a Bloomies shopper because what they classify as “sales” doesn’t equal what I classify as “sales”.

I was often running from place to place.  It was holiday shopping on steroids.  My adrenaline was at the ceiling.  I went to one particular booth at the holiday market at Bryant Park so many times that they know me.  Really.  I’m serious.  I could go back next year and they’d know who I was.  (They’d better know me considering I left enough of my money in their cash register.  Last night they said, “Come back if you need anything else!”  How is that possible?  There’s nothing more I can buy, and furthermore, my wallet is empty!)

So picture this:  Pint-sized me in my coat, with a handbag, my water (a girl needs to be hydrated), and about 3 – 4 shopping bags at any given time.  I’m already low to the ground so you can imagine what that looked like.  Not cute.

Bags, bags and more bags. Power shopping for the holidays.

But, now I’m finished.  Thank you, Jesus!  (And I’m throwing in a “Praise the Lord hand raise” to Mary and Joseph too.)  I’m so tired, I cannot wait for the long holiday weekend because all I want to do is sleep!  I won’t be out in the dreaded New York City crowds, searching for items, waiting on l-o-n-g lines, and struggling to find coupons for “extra” percentages off.

The holidays are in the full swing!  I’m ready for Christmas.  Okay, where’s Santa?


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