December Holiday Television Specials: Poll Results

“How much is enough?” was the question, and there were only three choices attached to my last poll.  Let’s re-visit, shall we?

  • Enough? There’s no such thing as enough! The more the merrier. I watch all of them!
  • Oy! I feel overwhelmed! Every week between the networks and public television–too many!
  • Holiday specials? What holiday specials? I’ve never really paid attention. I’m oblivious.

The third choice proved the most popular.  Ha!  I know you’re all just playing with me because I know you know the holiday television specials are in heavy rotation every December.  If it’s not a special on public television, and believe me, I love public television (I am a supporter of the end-of-year fundraising appeals, Brit Coms and documentaries), then it’s a pop or country music (what no heavy metal?) Christmas carol extravaganza.

My choice: Definitely the second one — too many specials.  But, I guess if we didn’t have them, it wouldn’t feel like the holidays.

Although the “holidays” are drawing to a close, you’re still welcome to vote!

Until next December!


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