The Year Two Thousand and Twelve, Anno Domini

January 1st, 2012, A.D.…12:00 p.m.
So far, so good. All is calm. It is a bright and sunny day in New York City located in the northeast United States of America. The temperature is unseasonably warm at 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (a.k.a Will Smith) plays in my head.

See video here:

January 1st, 2012, A.D.…12:15 p.m.
All systems remain steady.  The sky is blue.

January 1st, 2012, A.D.…12:30 p.m.
Baby heard crying in park across the street. No need for alarm bells. Swings and sand box still appear to be in working order based on bird’s-eye view from window.

January 1st, 2012, A.D.…12:45 p.m.
There’s a cool wind in the air.  Still stuffed and feeling the effects from Indian feast at dinner last night and continental breakfast this morning. Lunch today out of the question. Dinner tonight on shaky ground.

January 1st, 2012, A.D.…1:00 p.m.
13 hours in, and according to the Mayan calendar, this is the year where it all ends — on December 21st, 2012, A.D. to be exact (although, it’s give or take a year, which confuses everything and makes you even more paranoid).  I’d better do all that I want and hope to do this year. Never mess with the Mayans. They built things that are still standing after thousands of years. The countdown to Armageddon begins. Still trying to determine what my New Year’s resolution(s) should be.  (sigh)  Might as well take a 30 minute nap.  All this thinking is exhausting.

So, what’s your New Year’s resolution?


2 thoughts on “The Year Two Thousand and Twelve, Anno Domini

  1. Hey, another year of the same resolution, but I never see any results- but I keep on trucking-LOL. I see you had a very New Year’s Eve. Good for you, I came back from Frankfurt and totally relaxed, watch the ball drop on TV in NYC, then off to bed. Babysitting Jordan today and tomorrow so parents can sleep-YEP! the fun begins. Happy New Year Scrapses-xoxo Thanks for the lovely card

    • You’re beginning the year on a busy note — babysitting! Yep, the fun truly begins! Haha! Love you lots!!! And “You’re welcome!” about the card, and I’ll say “Thank you!” for continuing to be so supportive. I’m feeling the love.

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