When you don’t have a voice. Sigh. No, I mean it, I literally have no voice.

I have no idea what happened on the second day of the year. Not only has the temperature plummeted (it was 16 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday — yikes), but I lost all the gusto I had for 2012…and my voice. Gone. Poof. I just can’t figure it out. By the end of Day 2, and a horrible night’s sleep, I woke up on Day 3 feeling like I hadn’t slept, slightly achy and voiceless. O-oh.

Desperate times for desperate measures: Bring on the honey and lemon juice.

Honey and Lemon...I'm hoping this will do the trick

The gargling is killing me — salt and water. Ugh.

My Vicks, which I love (and it deserves every emphasis I give it), usually a “cure-all”, isn’t curing this mystery illness at all…at least not fast enough. It is, after all now Day 5, so I have been suffering with this “thing” for two days and the constant lathering of Vicks on my throat is simply depleting my supply. (Note to Self: Must get new jar.)

Should I worry? Is there cause for alarm?  Am I panicking?  What’s strep? Do I have strep? Am I getting pneumonia? What does it mean when only one side of my throat is sore and the bottom middle?  I don’t even know where the bottom middle is but that’s where I feel it. Is there such a thing as “sides” for a throat? I mean, it’s not a like a box. But the right side feels heavy. I don’t think I have a temperature. Or, do I? Hmmm…am I paranoid?  This is draining.

Together with my handy Vicks, I’m hoping this honey and lemon will help to move things along.  I can’t afford to be sick a week into the new year. I need my voice back!

Do you know how stressful it is not to speak, to talk back, to give directions to a pair of tourists and having them look at you like you’re contagious and wishing they’d asked someone else — in between my uncomfortable whispering voice cracks.  (Yes, I saw them looking at each other while I was diligently showing them directions on the NYC map. I saw the look of fear and raised eyebrows.)

I have to fight this thing!

Oh, my God. Is my right inner ear tender?  I had a throbbing headache earlier, and it seems to be gone now, but my feet are on fire.  What does that mean?!

(Oh, it’s  just my new big and poofy all cotton bedroom slippers.  Phew.)


2 thoughts on “When you don’t have a voice. Sigh. No, I mean it, I literally have no voice.

  1. Happy New Year Scrapsies – it seems as if everyone I know is suffering from the same symptoms – your cousin is here blowing her honker like there is no tomorrow and my friend has been laid up in bed for over 2 weeks and just e-mailed that if it kills her she has to go to work as laying in bed is boring she needs interaction.

    I noticed u did not add the rum to the honey and lemon + 2 Bayer’s aspirin – that does the trick for me, and stop scaring the tourists, I am sure they are good Canadian-LOL

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