Mel Brooks, I love you. You’re crazy.

You would think after watching Suze Orman’s inaugural “Money Class” on OWN — The Oprah Winfrey Network — I would be in deep thought, centered and focused.  (Insert image of what you think I would look like here with one eye slightly winked and pursed lips exuding “thought”, “centering” and “focused”.)

You would be wrong. 

I decided instead of “thinking”, I’d watch a re-run of “Blazing Saddles” (the Western spoof) on the AMC channel.  If you’ve never watched this movie, you must.  You will quickly realize how much of a genius Mel Brooks is…albeit perhaps crazy, but a dose of crazy never hurts anyone, right?

The cast is amazing — a who’s who of nuts (Gene Wilder, anyone?).  The movie goes from the ridiculous to the absurd and back again.  A toll booth in the middle of the prairie and someone needs change?  Why not just ride around the toll booth which couldn’t have been more than 10 feet wide.  And what in the world is a toll booth doing in the middle of open plains of the Wild West?  Hilarious.

Mel Brooks, I love you.  You’re crazy.

And the dialogue…

“Excuse me while I whip this out…”

Not to mention the famous, and yes, controversial, but not intending to be in any way racist or hurtful:

“The sheriff is a ni…!” (The word is never said completely but it is implied.)

Madeline Kahn who plays the va-va-voom entertainer “Lili Von Shtupp” is priceless during her song and dance number, “I’m Tired.”  Her intoxicated German accent mixed with mad singing is so over the top ridiculous.  If you’ve seen the movie, in a bedroom scene that follows, “Lili” delivers a shameless and hilarious two-liner with Cleavon Little who plays the sheriff of Rock Ridge.

One minute you think you’re viewing action on the plains of the Midwest.  The next minute you’re on a soundstage on a movie lot.  There’s a blurring of the lines between what’s real and fantasy…but then again, it’s a movie, so it’s all fake…hmmmm.

You simply have to rent the movie if you’ve never seen it.

WARNING:  This is not a movie for everyone.  There is innuendo of every kind throughout.  Nothing is off-limits.  Nothing.  So tread lightly, and if you’re conservative or hyper-sensitive, run screaming away from this post.

P.S.  If you like “Blazing Saddles” then take a look at “The Producers”.  And while you’re at it, grab some of the other famous spoofs out there — “Airplane”, “The Naked Gun” and “Best In Show”.


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