An intervention may be in order: Seriously, how many paper and plastic bags does a person need?

I have got to get it together.  I’m looking around the other day, and I realize I have — excuse my salty, sailor, rugby mouth — a sh*tload of bags.  Between the ones out in the open, in the kitchen, the ones in closets, in the bedroom — you name a place, and I promise you, there’s a bag there.  Small bag, large bag, extra-large bag, paper, plastic, brown, white, multi-colored…you need one?  Chances are, I have it.

Glad Force Flex Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags

And here’s why this obvious “collection” of bags makes no sense.  I will NEVER use them all.  I don’t need the plastic bags for garbage.  I buy garbage bags. What the h*ll?  As a matter of fact, I have a big box of bags I purchased at Costco, and that’s 130 bags right there (because you know Costco doesn’t sell anything in small quantities).

Attention Glad Products Company:  I love your Glad ForceFlex bags.  My 130-count box is almost finished.  Would you mind sending me a box or two, please?  If not, I’ll take coupons.  The Odor Shield ones are not necessary; plain ones are fine.  Thanks.

Now, I know I’m not a hoarder, but I can see how there is a very slippery slope with this behavior.  This is how things can get a l..i..t..t..l..e nuts.  Have you ever watched that show “Hoarders”?  Oh My God.  I feel for some of those people.  But, I cannot believe the way they live!

I throw away bags all the time.  (sigh)  Last fall, I got rid of four large handfuls of bags in bags, and somehow — don’t ask me how — I now have an overwhelming supply that needs to head to a landfill.  And as for the supermarket bags, I actually have recyclable shopping bags that I take back and forth to the supermarket — at least 70% of the time — so, I’m not sure why I have accumulated so many.  I must have a magnet of some sort on my body attracting these bags.

Bags - Supermarket bags and not just from my supermarket, but others.

Now, don’t-even-get-me-started-on-the-plastic-containers.  Are you freakin’ kidding me?!  Tell me:  If you have Glad plastic containers (you see a trend here — obviously, even “Reds” — my mother — likes Glad Products…Hello, Glad, are you out there? — because she sends my food back to New York in them), why, why, why, do you need take-out containers, butter containers, Chinese food soup containers (you know the one’s I’m talking about…the clear ones)).  (sigh)

I can’t.

This just makes no sense.

An intervention may be in order: Seriously, how many paper and plastic bags does a person need?

Bags - Department and shoe store bags


3 thoughts on “An intervention may be in order: Seriously, how many paper and plastic bags does a person need?

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  2. That is so West Indian like. For some reason we do not like to throw away plastic bags – as if there’ll be a plastic bag shortage one day!

    Same story with me but I had to put down my foot the other day. Throw away a ton and I felt my heart break slowly as I did. But have no fear, a new pile is starting to accumulate!

    • I can’t explain it. I can’t figure it out. Stuff goes out. Stuff comes in. So, between this month and next month, I’m going to be once again removing bags and plastic containers — and anything else that is in my path, like papers (yes, what’s with pieces of paper??). As I’m sitting in my office, right in the corner on a shelf, what do I have? A large plastic bag with bags. Sure, everything is neatly placed, but this is a tragedy and incredibly disturbing.

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