Lent: Is it possible to do a “Do Over” because this whole 40-day thing…I failed.

I’ve failed.  Ohhhhh….yes.  (insert huge sigh)

Where did it all go wrong?

I’m usually pretty good about Lent — you know that 40-day period of sacrifice on the run up to Easter?  I have a feeling this is going to be a strike against me on a growing list, although they’re probably not strikes at this point but gongs— I’m serious.

My sacrifices were the following:

  • No added sugar
  • No added salt
  • No cocktails

If there were others on the list, obviously I didn’t commit them to memory, and actually, I’m slowly losing my memory, which is why I have 10,000 Post-It Notes neatly and strategically placed on my desk — definitely O.C.D.

Here’s where I failed:

  • Not only have I gone gangbusters with the sugar, I’m all over brown sugar.  I drank mint tea and no less than 3 heaping teaspoons were in the mug.  I’m a stone’s throw away from being a diabetic if I keep this up.
  • I eat a seafood.  A lot of seafood.  Food from the ocean makes me happy.  Here’s the problem…Have you ever had bland, unsalted seafood?  Ewww…so not appetizing.  Yep, pass the salt, please!  And if it’s a sushi day, soy sauce is a must — although I guess I’m not so bad because I prefer the “low sodium” soy?
  • So, the no cocktails thing.  (long, audible sigh)  I tried.  Really I did.  I’m not a drinker.   However, look at that gorgeous drink.  Just let it all sink in…By the way, it’s called, “Birds of Paradise” and you can find it at Havana Central in New York City.  (Why do I feel like I’ve posted already about this?  Oh well.)  Mmmmm…and look at the picture…it had sugar around the rim!  Great, another strike.  It really wasn’t my fault.  It was girls’ night out before an evening on Broadway.

Lent:  Is it possible to do a “Do Over” because this whole 40-day thing…I failed.

So, is anyone else failing during Lent or did you make New Year’s resolutions that have already gone ‘poof!’?

Remember this blog post:  I hope I don’t crack…?  Well, I cracked.


10 thoughts on “Lent: Is it possible to do a “Do Over” because this whole 40-day thing…I failed.

    • Hahaha!! (cracking up) I’m hoping that I can somehow redeem myself these last couple of weeks — although I am going out on Saturday night, so….okay, maybe I can’t redeem myself. A lost cause.

  1. I don’t make any types of resolutions any more. You know why? Cuz change comes gradually. You can’t just wake up on Jan 1st and say no more of XXX if you’ve been doing it consistently from March -December the previous year. Same goes for lent. You want to cut out sugar? salt? cocktails? Then start by cutting BACK or cutting DOWN. Most ppl set themselves up for failure by attempting to do things cold turkey. So no you don’t get a start over but you do get to take it one single day at a time. When the next day comes, start again. If you’re too tempted, give in. If you’re not, go on. Simple as that.

    BTW you are crazy for trying to cut alllll those things out at once. One, not so bad, two, still cool but all three? I’m not your friend anymore. Hahaha

    That cocktail is gorgeous!!!

    • I know, I was nuts! The crazy thing is, I really thought I could do it. I thought, I’ll put these three things on my list, and that would be it, no problem. (rolling my eyes) Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. I obviously don’t know “me”. Next time: Cutting back/Cutting down. Why didn’t I think about that? Nuts, just nuts.

      • Well next time you know better. Sometimes no matter how much you believe in yourself, (and even though it’s not an impossible task), why make life miserable? Girl I don’t know what your mission was, and I’m not trying to downplay it but we only live once. Moderation is the key to everything except things that are really and truly harmful to us and other (those things we have to cut out for good) but a little salt, some added sugar here and there and a cocktail now and again never killed anyone…….I think.

      • *in my West Indian accent* I had to say I think. You never know these days. Caught a glimpse of 1000 Ways to die the other night and now I don’t put nothing past di angel of death, yes.

      • Hahaaaa! I have watched that show…makes you wonder, right? If I was so paranoid, I would think: Should I even walk out of my house, and worse, what’s in my house that would kill me right now? LOL! Yep, “Di angel of death.”

  2. That drink looks amazing… Any idea what’s in it? Because I need one. Pronto.

    Oh, and the Lent thing? I tried to give up swearing last year. Ash Wednesday, I was getting ready to go out with friends and I had my music on shuffle. My little brother’s rap music (that I hijacked a couple years back) came on and I instinctively sang along. I don’t think I made it 20 minutes into Lent before I failed.


    • LOL! Okay, 20 minutes in–dying! I thought I was bad by falling apart after only a few days, but you really beat me to it! And I’m going out this weekend again, back to the spot where the “Birds of Paradise” happened — what I call — one of the many “scenes of my crimes”. haha (sigh) Okay, will try to remember to ask the bartender what’s in the drink on Saturday night. Hopefully I won’t be too buzzed. “Simply Tia” says I should have approached it from the “Cutting down” perspective. She’s right. I don’t know what I was thinking by cutting out not one but three things and “cold turkey”. (another sigh)

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