Sometimes you have to be silent to hear the music playing.

Note:  This post is about Twitter.  It is not about music.

When I jumped on Twitter, I did it with both feet.  It opened a whole new world.  (Cue the song.)  For me, it’s about getting and sharing information, and engaging in conversation.  There are some really cool and interesting people out there (and a whole lotta crazy).  Along the way, I’ve gained a few Twitter followers based on my interests, including what I write about on this little blog of mine that I launched four and a half months ago.

Until last week…

I don’t know what happened, but I was taken aback when I saw my tweets had seemingly ballooned to 3,000 tweets. (Yikes!)

Doth I tweet too much?

I tweet because something happens that has meaning to me at the time. Sometimes it’s a passing rant or simply a random thought.  Sometimes it’s a funny replay of a public transportation scene.  Sometimes it’s about my food or travel adventures.  Sometimes it’s about a book I’m reading.  Sometimes it’s about the ridiculous — like me and my search for the ultimate pair of platform heels.  (You all know one of my favorite stores is Lord & Taylor.  They’ve got a great shoe department.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like Macy’s too, but hands down for a girlie on a budget, it’s L&T.  Now, if I could afford it, I’d make my way to Saks and Nordstrom.  Their shoe departments are heavenly.  But I digress…)

So, that’s me and my Twitter behavior.  But, this brings me to the behavior of Twitter Followers.

After weeding out literally about 50 or so porn and spam bots over the past four months and countless “blogging experts” who just seem to latch on to me because my blog posts link to Twitter, I have a nice small-ish group of followers.  But some Tweeters are out of control.  I guess the mere fact that I put something like: #newblogpost or #blogpost or simply #blog within some of my tweets, that equals, “Let’s follow her!”  Here’s the thing: I know these people couldn’t give a rats a** about me or my blog.  Their focus: Promoting themselves.  I seriously doubt they’ve even visited my blog.  (*rolling my eyes*)

Under the category of “You’re Taking the Piss” are Fairweather Followers.  They follow and unfollow like they’re turning the lights on and off.

Do me a favor:  Before you follow me, visit my blog and read my freakin’ tweets to see what kind of person I am before following me.  My blog couldn’t be more clear about who I am as an individual.

I figure, if after several months you find we’re not simpatico, then by all means, please, jump ship.  When you follow and then unfollow at the drop of a hat, you look like a douche more than anything else

So, I’ve gotten hip to the behavior, and I’m ramping up the blocking of people who begin to follow me, and I know — I just have a feeling — that they’re just playing games.

I’m over it.

Although I really, sincerely would like to grow my Twitter followers, I’m not trying to get on an “I’m Popular” list.  I’d rather have 1 legitimate follower than a 1,000,000 followers. 

Here’s a bit of a cold, hard truth:  Throughout elementary and high school, I could count the number of friends I had on one hand — and that was completely fine because I knew at the end of the day, they were the “real deal”.  I’ve never needed an army.  That’s where I’m coming from.  If you’re not coming from that place…please don’t follow me.

So, back to my own behavior.  I’m curbing the obsessive tweeting.  Sure, I’ll continue to tweet, but I’ve made a decision:

I need to slow it down a bit — take a step back instead of cluttering the Twittersphere with all that I have to say — every minute of the day.

Sometimes you have to be silent to hear the music playing.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to be silent to hear the music playing.

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