I’m on the hunt for a new camera. I’m talking full screen, zoom, megapixels, lightweight…and oh, cheap.

Remember the news I broke months ago about the untimely death of my camera?  No?  (Sigh, I feel no-one cares…and I’m still in shock.)  Well, my Old Faithful passed away, and I didn’t see it coming.  I’ve been “getting by” with the camera feature on my BlackBerry.  Obviously, this is unacceptable, especially since I have a vision for this 5-month old blog, and the vision includes story-telling through a lens.

So, bloggers, amateur photographers…what camera would you suggest?

I’ve noted a few parameters below, but I’m also looking for “cautions” or “things to look out for” when purchasing a camera.  The last time I had this go-around, it was about 12 years ago — and 12 years in technology-speak is about 84 years.  *straight face*

Here goes:

  1. Cheap/Affordable.  There are a lot more camera choices available than there were 12 years ago.  With a saturation in the market, prices have gone down, especially for the “everyday” camera for the average consumer, non-professional, i.e. amateur, like myself.  I’m not looking to spend more than about $200.
  2. Lightweight.  I travel.  I’d like to travel more.  The one thing I didn’t like about Old Faithful was: That thing was heavy.  It was a bit on the small size, but when you picked it up, you thought you were pumping iron.
  3. Zoom.  I want the longest zoom available that does not require me to be a paparazzi-in-training with a camera bag and then multiple lenses on standby.
  4. Megapixels.  I don’t know much, but I know I’d like sharp photos no matter the distance.  I’d like to take pictures that are so sharp, people will say, “Wow, the picture is so clear. Wow.”  Yes, I want “wows”.
  5. Full screen.  My old camera had a screen the size of an inch.  Now, that’s small.  Actually, it was laughable when people saw it.  I guess it did look strange.  (I hated when people snickered.  But you know what, that camera lasted a long time…meanwhile, they probably purchased 3 cameras in the 12 years I had mine — so there!)

Please chime in with recommendations — and remember, I’m also looking for things to watch out for.

Thanks all!


3 thoughts on “I’m on the hunt for a new camera. I’m talking full screen, zoom, megapixels, lightweight…and oh, cheap.

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  2. At Christmas, I got the Canon SX230 HS for just a bit over $200 (stupid taxes). I chose it because it was a point-and-shoot that had the options to use it like a fancy D-SLR camera once I started learning more about it and it had GPS tagging. Once I had it for a while I noticed the zoom is amazing, it has a lot of fun features (color select, toy camera, fish eye, etc.) and it behaves well in almost any light. It’s not petite, but it’s not big either so I’ve really enjoyed using it for my travels. When the GPS tagging is enabled, the battery can drain a bit fast, so if you’re on a big trip I would recommend buying a second back-up battery for long days away from an outlet. Otherwise, the battery works quite well.

    Canons are my favorite, and that’s after having a few, then switching to Nikon, and quickly wanting to toss it out the window. So, yeah… Yay, Canon!

    Anyway, my biggest recommendation when looking for a new camera is going to all the websites (Consumer Reports, Best Buy, Amazon…) and reading the reviews. Then go into a couple different stores and talk to the various “experts”. Then sit on it for a bit while you figure out where your priorities are best met. It’s a long process, but it’s worth it in the end, as I’m sure you know.

    Wow, was that long-winded enough?

    • This was perfect!!! I used this review to check the reviews on Amazon (there were not on Consumer Reports). Although it’s more expensive than you quoted, it’s still a very affordable camera. Actually, when I looked at it, that lead me to other cameras, and you’re right, I should perhaps check them out in person and speak to an “expert”. I’m hoping to find a replacement within the next week and a half. Thanks so much! You’re a gem!

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