History. Cherry Blossoms. Teenagers (and 20-somethings). I better bring my travel liquor.

So, I’m off to Washington, D.C., our Nation’s Capital on Thursday morning.  This past week, I stepped away from the blog trying desperately to recuperate.  If you follow me on Twitter (@brainypintsizer), I’ve just been blowing up the Twittersphere with my moaning and groaning.  Oh no, I didn’t just catch a cold out of nowhere.  Nooooo. I had to go all out:

  • I have some sort of “virus”.  When the doc says “virus”, I thought: Ebola.  Isn’t that what you would have thought?  No?  Oh.  I guess I have the flair for the dramatic.  Well, I thought I was one step closer to Jesus, and with high fever I was running, I probably wasn’t that far off.
  • And on the topic of fever, I had several episodes.  I’m not simply talking a “temperature”.  No, no.  I’m talking 101 degrees, and soaking the sheets with sweat.  TMI?  Probably, but I’m not here to sugar coat this.  This is Reality Blogging (unlike Reality Television, which is partially scripted and choreographed).
  • I have developed a severe sore throat. Not a “Oh, my throat feels kinda heavy and scratchy,” — no.  I’m talking my throat is on fire, and I’m coughing every 2 – 3 minutes, which means I have gotten zero, yes, zero rest.  If I sleep for 4 hours collectively through the night, that’s a lot, and I know I got less than that last night, hence, I didn’t go to work today because not only am I exhausted but I’m physically weakened by this illness.
  • After “upchucking” several times, now the walls of my stomach and esophagus are as sore as you can imagine.  It hurts to sit up and even turn.  Who could have imagined that it would feel worse than 3 rotations of 50 sit ups in the gym.  My core is sore. sigh.
  • On top of it all, I have an ear infection.  I know.  It just get’s better and better with every bullet, doesn’t it?  After days of suffering through excruciating pain with fluid that has accumulated in my left ear — so gross — I finally got an appointment to see the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor on Friday, and I’m now on 7 days of an antibiotic.  I think some of the side effects include drowsiness and shortness of breath (which is just great considering I have asthma and my inhaler is empty and my next appointment with my general physician isn’t for another two weeks).

So, I’ve been off the blog but still the social media animal I am, that hasn’t stopped me from tweeting.  (I surpassed 4,000 tweets this weekend — so much for keeping the tweets to a minimum — but have 80 followers give or take 10 or so either way because people follow and unfollow like it’s a ping-pong match.  I wrote about it here.)

Initially, I was looking forward to heading to D.C., after all, my cousin is graduating (yay!).  But with this thing I have that will not go away, I don’t know how I’m going to manage.  It’s simply luck that months ago I’d decided to enjoy the scenery by train by taking Amtrak from New York instead of flying or I would have been, as the saying goes, “up sh*ts creek without a paddle.”  I don’t know how I would have survived flying with these ears. (I’m cringing as I type this.)   So, this is a happy time in the midst of suffering.  But, I am going because, nothing — and I mean, nothing — will stop me from being with the Southern Branch of La Familia and the Northeast Crew and celebrating with The Fabulous Miss E after she gets her diploma.  (P.S.  She graduates with a Communications degree and is still on the job hunt, so if you’re in PR or work in media or anything related to such an area — please, please send me leads!)

Family comes first.  Illness comes second.

I’m heading to D.C. folks, platform heels in tow, which I’m sure are so inappropriate based on all the walking I’m going to be doing, but I’ll throw in a pair of sandals and Converse, just in case.

History.  Cherry Blossoms.  Teenagers (and 20-somethings).  I better bring my travel liquor.

I may need these…

Now, all I need to do is: Get a camera!  Geez.  Yes, just days away, and I still haven’t purchased a replacement.  Recommendations are welcome.  I’d like to take lots of pictures!


4 thoughts on “History. Cherry Blossoms. Teenagers (and 20-somethings). I better bring my travel liquor.

  1. Hope you feel better. I hope Ms E gets something soon. She should try the agencies first – score an internship or a starting role. Usually opens other doors. I need an intern…lol…sorry she is so far away. 🙂

    • She’s a true American-West Indian. She worked while she was in school…not one, but two job!!! (yes, I meant “job”) One was a paid internship and they’re keeping her on as a full-time employee. Good for her — at least for now because these are tough times, and too many leave school with no job prospects at all. A cautious sigh of relief. Ciao, chica! It’s way past bedtime, and I need to be up in a few hours. I’ll be riding the choo-choo train! D.C., here I come!

  2. You Guys are so lucky-I have to miss this great event as I am off to Santiago & Argentina until May 22nd, so I am expecting to see lots of photos – I know i will not be disappointed, but please tell Miss “E” I am so very very proud of her

    • Oh, wow. How long of a layover do you have on these? If your stop is Buenos Aires, let me know, if you have time to explore, how it is. It’s on my list of places to go. “E” has been there already. And yes, I’ll definitely pass on your message. P.S. Love the photos of Miss Lyric 🙂

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