25 Food Trucks in One Day: A “foodie” checks out the Washington, DC food truck scene (Part 2)

In one day — yes, one day — I photographed 25 food trucks around Washington, DC! 

You know (if you follow me on Twitter — are you following me on Twitter?  If you’re not, you’re missing out — check out @brainypintsizer)…Okay, where was I?  Oh, yes, you all know how much I love food. Yeah, I’m a bit of a “foodie”.  I love restaurants, lounges (for food — and the drinks *wink*) and food trucks.  And the food truck scene in New York City cannot be beat (although I’m sure San Francisco may beg to differ).  But, in this post, I’m giving props to the DC food truck scene.

Food Trucks:  What a great way to taste authentic fare for a fraction of the price?  After all, you don’t have to by a plane ticket to taste Belgian wafels…or arepas from Colombia…or ackee and saltfish from Jamaica…or true kimchi from Korea.  No, just follow them on Twitter and find the trucks in and around the city.

Enjoy the photos, but please remember…

…Give credit where credit is due.  Please attribute the photos to The Brainy Pint Sizer (www.brainypintsizer.com) or @brainypintsizer (I’m tweetin’ too!)

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5 thoughts on “25 Food Trucks in One Day: A “foodie” checks out the Washington, DC food truck scene (Part 2)

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    • You’re welcome! Since my cousin will be staying put there for a while, hopefully, I’ll be making more trips back. I’d like to explore more. Been there a few times but never enough time for exploration and really soaking in the city.

    • The West Indian Mother does not like “street food” whether that’s in a restaurant or in a vehicle that serves food. Alas, I was only able to do photos and not chow down, although…I did sniff…mmmm…and it smelled good! DC has a thriving food truck scene. Who knew?

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