Happy Birthday! 6 months, 60 posts (other than this one) and lessons being learned everyday.

The Brainy Pint Sizer blog is 6 months old today!  It’s incredible that it has only been 6 months.  I’ve probably had a lot more stress than I should have, so much so that it feels like a lifetime already.  (Probably not a good thing.)

Several months ago, I questioned whether I’d made the “right” decision to launch the blog.  There were all good intentions pre-launch, but then as the weeks ticked on after the launch on November 30, 2011, there were frustrations…

How do you get followers?  The blog hardly attracted visitors — and Twitter was of no help (and that’s a separate frustration, but we won’t go there).  If anyone believes that “if you build it, they will come”, they are sadly mistaken.  That ain’t gonna happen.  It’s you and millions of others who have a voice in the blogosphere.  Talk about crowded!  Especially since I wasn’t a “mommy blogger”, “food blogger”, “travel blogger” or a “fashion blogger” or whatever blogger that draws people, makes you “special” enough to be followed, not to mention coming up with posts that are interesting and genuine — I was starting to be over it. 

Second thoughts?  Hmmm, you think?  Absolutely, and that’s putting it mildly.  I was staying up until all hours of the early morning preparing posts after a long day at work (the day before).  I was disappointed and feeling like I was headed down the path of failure, not to mention having blogger envy — blogger jealousy.  Basically, I was thinking:  This sucks, this is not fun, and what the heck did I get myself into?

I came up with things I thought I could or would institute, like shorter blog posts (Ha!), and a few other gems.  In the end, as I alluded to in my February post, I could see how blogs could fail — and it wouldn’t have necessarily been the fault or lack of commitment of the blogger.

Major changes may be coming in the second half of my first year.  I’m toying with the idea of a niche.  Maybe having a niche is truly the way to go?  It’s not that I’m looking for 5,000 followers, but I believe in aiming high, especially when I put my heart and soul into something.

So, what has changed?  Gone are:

  • Staying up until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. creating blog posts.  This was totally ridiculous and having my alarm clock go off only a few short hours after going to bed was taking a terrible toll.  I sacrificed any shred of exercise because I had zero energy.
  • Posting multiple times within a 7 or 10-day period.  I now post when I have something to say.  I no longer feel panicked if I don’t post something every few days.

In the end, I need to be happy where I am — for now — be patient, appreciate the small things while figuring out ways to make things better so that “My Little Blog That Could” will not only survive but thrive.

That’s it.  But before I move on to Part 2 of Year 1, one more important thing…

Thank you to family and friends who have continued to be supportive, and for all the followers who — at least for now — have decided to keep tabs on this blog-o-mine.  Thanks for all the “Likes”, too.  They also hold a special place in the Brainy Pint Sizer’s blog heart.

Happy 6-month birthday www.brainypintsizer.com!  Truly a mini milestone.


Special note:  Is this a sign?  No sooner did I pen this post, I happened to take a look at Twitter and I saw a tweet by Bruno1, one of the profiles I follow:

“Remember that SUCCESS takes time, devotion and sometimes a little heartbreak. Recuerda que el EXITO toma tiempo, devocion y sufrimiento.”

Ain’t that the truth, Bruno.  Ain’t that the truth.


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! 6 months, 60 posts (other than this one) and lessons being learned everyday.

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  2. Happy six month anniversary!! I know what you mean about followers! It took me sooooo Long to get followers and even now, I don’t have as many as my envious brain would like, but I have a group of core followers/ friends that I LOVE! In fact one or two of my first followers are real life friends who I long to meet( we live so far away from each other). Anyhoo, it will come!!! It will!!!

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Feeling the love right about now. People have sent me a few nice messages on Twitter (inc DM) and also by regular e-mail too, so it makes me feel it’s all worthwhile. No one wants to write to no-one. Baby steps. I just have to keep remembering that and when I happen to not remember that, hopefully, people will remind me. 🙂 I know, I gotta believe, it will come!

  3. Wishing you a great anniversary day! 6 months is a mini-milestone!
    I enjoy your random musings about the subjects we have in common and the others just as much. Continue to do what you do, have fun with it and guess what…… people just might like it! So what will your niche be? The foodie aspect? The family interactions? The NYC goings-on? Oh and that Bruno… full of great sayings, isn’t he? Good luck and carry on. A bunch of us will be in the city on Saturday. Hope to see you soon. xoxo

    • Aw, thanks, Donna! A mini milestone, yes! I’m undecided about the niche, but you’ve hit the first item right on the head…foodie aspect. That’s one, another one would be travel. (Although I haven’t been many places since the downturn — actually, that’s not true at all — but, I haven’t been many places in about 2 years.) I do like the NYC goings-on. Those are really the three. I just need to decide which one works best for me and will ultimately bring the most reward in terms of followers. The one thing I’d really like to improve on overall are my photographs, not only taking nicer photographs and ones that can perhaps tell a story on their own, but also incorporating many more of them on the blog. (Just have to get used to my new camera…) Thanks for the support, and yes, that’s Bruno…it’s like he was speaking to me…literally, I saw the tweet as I pressed save. Enjoy Saturday. I can’t wait to see him in July!

    • Thank you!!!! I’m not making myself crazy anymore. Sure, I know sometimes I’ll have to work harder on a post than others but I’m not going to stress over “stuff”. If it’s read. Great. If it’s not read, oh well. As long as I’m pleased with it when I press “publish” then that’s all that matters to me.

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