The Great Frock Hunt. 9 Hours. That’s right…NINE.

Bursting with anticipation right now.  I’m heading to HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebration in New York City hosted by the St. George’s Society this week — Thursday, June 7, 2012.  It’s a “bash” ladies and gents, and that means, the “stiff upper lips” of the British and the Commonwealth are going to get their party on.  Dignitaries will be in attendance including the British Consul-General, Danny Lopez, and the Mayor of New York City, Michael R. Bloomberg.  It promises to be a fabulous affair.  Speeches will be in order (because that’s how the Brits do it), food (have to remember to give them a call to request a vegetarian or fish plate) and music (if they really wanted it to be a real “bash”, they’d get The Rolling Stones, The Who or Led Zeppelin to play, but that wouldn’t happen — those boys, er, well-seasoned men, are obviously too cool for such things).

I quickly realized after looking in my closet: I needed a frock…The Dress.

And so began “The Great Frock Hunt”.

Ladies are expected to come in their party gear finery, including headgear — hats and fascinators, I’m sure will be in order.  (I’ll be wearing a fascinator.)  I spent 9 hours — yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, n-i-n-e hours, on the road searching for The Dress.  Sure, I have dresses in my closet, but I needed a Jubilee dress.  A party dress that would be fun and vibrant (which is way out of my comfort zone since I am not a fan of blinding color).  I went from store to store…from suburbia to Manhattan.  First, I was calm, then by the end, I was in a frantic state, although I kept it all inside (yes, I was very anxious).

The Great Frock Hunt included stops at:

  • Loehmann’s in Westchester County (not the location in Manhattan).  I went for The Dress, but I walked out with “body armour” (that’s Road Warrior’s code for Spanx-like ladies’ circulation-cutting undergarments), three dresses (that had nothing to do with the Jubilee ocassion) and two blouses.
  • Mary Jane Denzer Boutique in Westchester County.  This has been a mainstay for the ladies who lunch and well-heeled, hair-sprayed crowd for 30 years.  There, I tried on a dress that caught my eye shortly after I walked in.  It was the softest cotton but heavy. It fit me like it was made for me.  It was stark white, simply exquisitely made by a French designer.  I asked the price as I looked at myself in the floor to ceiling mirror in the dressing room.  The saleswoman, who was absolutely lovely said a price that almost made me faint in my 5″ platform heels…All I heard was $2,000… Thank you for playing and goodnight.  Off I went.
  • The Westchester, mall, that is, in Westchester County.  It’s “upscale”.  I headed to Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, White House/Black Market.  Nothing.  Nada.
  • Lord & Taylor in Scarsdale, New York (also in Westchester County).  Disappointing, and those who know me, know how much I love this place.  The problem was, this is not the location where I shop.  Since I work in Manhattan, I shop in Manhattan, and their flagship store is a walk away.  I give them so much business on a regular basis, I should probably buy stock in that place.  Actually, they should just give it to me.  The dresses were prom-like and the few that were not, they had no stock.

There were so many more stops.  Talk about stressed.  I gave up.  Surburbia was just not working out.  I’d wasted too many hours.  So, it was good-bye Westchester County and hello Manhattan!

Once again, Lord & Taylor’s flagship saved the day.  I walked out with not one but two dresses!  (insert *happy dance*)  The Great Frock Hunt had come to a close.

Now, I’m ready!  What do you think?  (Note: I may change the headgear, if I’m able to find one before Thursday, but if I don’t, this one will do.)

I am so ready for the for the Jubilee Bash now.  Sooooo excited! 

Now, what do I do with this hair…

My Fascinator a.k.a. Headgear

BCBG Ruched Dark Green Tea “Lucile” Cocktail Evening Dress

BCBG Bow-Tied Croc-Like Patent Stiletto Heels


7 thoughts on “The Great Frock Hunt. 9 Hours. That’s right…NINE.

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  2. Love love LOVE the outfit! You’ll dazzle from head to toe. Lord & Taylor is an underrated gem — I always find something anytime I go in there for a special occasion frock. Start your search there next time, and please invite me to tag along. Tally ho! 🙂

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I don’t usually wear a lot of color, so this is a stretch, but it looks very nice on me. I often feel I *live* in Lord & Taylor. I’m so serious about that. My closet is perhaps 60% from that place, maybe even more. So, I thought, let me try somewhere else. Big mistake. In the end, my first stop in Manhattan after the suburban let down was their store and I walked out very pleased — and exhausted from so many hours of searching! If we tagged along, we’d get into so much trouble. The 2nd floor shoe section alone has a “Danger” sign flashing everywhere I walk!

    • Yes, that’s exactly what it felt like. So, I gingerly removed the cotton (did I say it was c-o-t-t-o-n?) wonder, and pulled on my cotton tee and jeans and grabbed my paper bag with my poverty items (obviously) and walked out the door. Actually, I needed to be buzzed out. (Yes, yes, yes…which made the humiliation inside me even greater.) That wonder was obviously not spun by the same Chinese factory where my tee was spun, I can tell you that. The designer: Azzedine Alaia.

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