A little boogie, a little philanthropy, a little “Red Eye”…a little…Spanx? All that at The Diamond Jubilee Bash!

The Virgin Atlantic GEORGE Diamond Jubilee Bash came and went, ladies and gents, and was it ever a divine affair!  We all high stepped — well, I did, anyway, dressed in our party finery, and danced the night away!  Oh, how my feet killed me!  I ended up changing my fabulous pair of heels in the taxi on my way to the station or I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it home.  I haven’t danced like that since…dare I say, 1999?  Well, not quite, but it felt that way.  And, all praise to my Spanx panty hose, which held up, kept me sucked in — and I didn’t pass out!  (Must have been Virgin Atlantic’s “Red Eye” event drink, which kept me going all night — could it be an elixir?…*blink*…The only thing missing was Sir Richard Branson!  Where was he?)

GEORGE did a marvelous job organizing what was a night for me to remember.  And let me not forget to mention about the beautiful Virgin Atlantic flight attendants all dolled up — as they always are — who greeted guests soon after their arrival!  (I got a snapshot taken with them, and I can’t wait to see it once the professional photographer and the Society release the photos.)  The red, white and blue was in full force (for Great Britain, not for the U.S. this time around), a few kilts, Savile Row suits, a few fascinators — including mine — and stilettos galore.  The guest list was mostly Brits, but members of the Commonwealth were well represented.

Danny Lopez, HM British Consul-General, New York, was in attendance.  So were other dignitaries.  Sharon Carpenter, was Mistress of Ceremonies, and boogied with the rest of us.  Oh, and the band, Rhythm Collective, brought the house down!  They were ri-diculous!  Amazing!

So, the outfit.  Well, if you read my last post — “The Great Frock Hunt…” — you know it was a mad scramble.  In the end, it was perfect and was pretty much from one place:  Lord & Taylor…my dress, which I love, love, love, my heels (although it is a few seasons old) and even my Spanx panty hose.  My fascinator, however, came from Montreal, Canada.

Okay, here’s the good news — what made the night even more special:  Over $40,000 was raised — all for worthy causes supported by the St. George’s Society of New York.  Want to learn more about the Society’s charity work?  Take a read.

What a night, that can only be summed up as…

…A little boogie, a little philanthropy, a little “Red Eye”…a little…Spanx?  Yep, all that at The Diamond Jubilee Bash!

P.S. Loved the center pieces (centre pieces) with all the British goodies.  🙂  I had to swipe the hat, the Mars bar and Marmite crisps…Mmmmm…


6 thoughts on “A little boogie, a little philanthropy, a little “Red Eye”…a little…Spanx? All that at The Diamond Jubilee Bash!

    • I know…they’re an acquired taste for sure, and as you eat one, you know you may be slowly chipping away at your life! But, I hadn’t had one in upteen years. I know I could do without eating them again for another upteen years! What I’ve been craving recently: Yorkshire Pudding. I love that so much. I’m going to have to figure out how to make it — I need to find a recipe — minus the roast drippings.

  1. I am so glad to hear you enjoyed the night and danced your life away- I have never ever seen MARMITE CRISPS, when I go back June 17th I am going to Selfridge and look or them

    • So, good. Actually, it’s an acquired taste, especially if you’re used to American chips/crisps, but it was like a blast from the past and in no way healthy! (Now, where is my Mars bar? For some reason, I can’t find it…)

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