From my vantage point: New York to DC on a whim…first on 4 wheels, then on the tracks

Life is for living.

Leave on a Friday evening and return on a Sunday evening…that’s the way to do it.  Oh, and purchase your train ticket hours before you leave — not the cheapest way to go, but sometimes, you kinda say, eh, why not?  Just Call Her Fabulous was moving, and well, the move was an excuse for a quick visit.

The drive was an event.  Last Friday, a freak storm rolled through the East Coast, crossing through Maryland, Virginia and into DC… Talk about treacherous!  90 mile per hour winds, torrential downpours, falling trees and branches — Scary!  So, sorry, no pics going to the nation’s capital, but a few pics in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC, and on the way back to New York by Amtrak.  I actually prefer this mode of transport over flying…who needs the stress going through the four major NY-NJ airports, especially on short notice?  Sitting in the Cafe Car on the 4 1/2 hour train ride was sheer bliss…Yeah, I’m kinda lovin’ Amtrak at the moment with several recent train rides under my belt and no major problems…

Click on the photos to enlarge and ESC to return to this page. 

P.S. I need to get better with my picture-taking, I know.  It’s on my ‘To Do’ list.


2 thoughts on “From my vantage point: New York to DC on a whim…first on 4 wheels, then on the tracks

    • I’ve been told it’s an area “in transition”. Actually, quite a bit has taken place with some very expensive apartments (rentals and condos) popping up all over the place with some old properties being revitalized. There is some “sketchiness”…and you definitely can’t be too careful… I liken it to many parts of New York City, including Harlem and The Village. An environment of those with little money with those having disposable income. It did not turn me off. I definitely like the neighborhood and the atmosphere. I also like to see the mix of cultures, the young, the old, families, singles. I’d really like to explore more of DC. I always feel like I don’t spend enough time exploring enough of the places I visit in the U.S.

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