It’s GREAT in Britain this year: In two weeks, the London Olympic Games begins!

At the gathering of Brits and Commonwealthers at the British Consulate in New YorkDanny Lopez, British Consul-General to New York and Director-General, Trade & Investment USA, welcomed guests and kicked off the countdown to the 2012 Olympics in London on this side of the ‘pond’.  Ladies and gents from the expat community were in attendance, including members of GEORGE.  Oh, and so were crew members from British Airways.

The Consul-General wasn’t the only one who greeted arriving guests.  Two other ‘gentlemen’ were perfectly positioned at the entrance…

Of course, I made a bee-line to the bar upon entry, but my attention was quickly taken by the The London Candy Co., and I couldn’t swallow my delicious champagne-mixed drink fast enough, my eyes were fixated on this…

Eventually, after quite some time inhaling more than enough Banana English Toffee ice cream, my parting words to the lovely young woman behind the cart was: “I’m sorry, I’m going to have to walk away from here…It’s not you, It’s me….If I stay here any longer, I’ll eat more than I should…” (while still chewing).  Thankfully, I was drawn to two very endearing visiting Brits and this…

Maybe I should have made an emergency call for someone to rescue me.  I made my way back to the bar…


4 thoughts on “It’s GREAT in Britain this year: In two weeks, the London Olympic Games begins!

    • I had grand plans too. When it was announced that they’d have the Games, I was emphatic that I’d be there. Well, that was long before the economic downturn. The word on the street is, London is stunningly expensive — especially for the Games (not that London was ever affordable).

  1. Well I am in London now, and arrived last night in rain & dampness. Had the 3 contending females hurdlers for Canada & their coach on board. Took photos so I will show you later. I am now up and getting ready to go to Oxford Street Marks & Sparks- thank heaven’s it is now sunny

    • UK weather was the topic of conversation yesterday. People were saying it was rainy and cold — a stark difference between New York, which is hot and steamy!

      Wow, a brush with Olympians! Awesome! Can’t wait to see the photos. 🙂

      I miss Marks & Sparks. The British Airways crew from last night were encouraging people to travel (they have a deal of a 2 night hotel stay), but the prices are still steep and when you visit London you need to have deep pockets! Won’t be a while, I think, before I return. I do miss the place.

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