Calories, schmalories. It’s Summer Restaurant Week and I’m ready to ‘bring it’.

I’ve already begun to make reservations.  The 20th Anniversary of New York City Restaurant Week began on Monday, July 16th and runs through August 10th.  Good for me. Not so good for my front, back and sides — or is that backsides?   I’ll try to pace myself.  Try.  We’ll see how this works.  I have 15 restaurants on my list.  (I thought it was 12, but in my excitement my mind got a little clouded.)

I love Restaurant Week (actually, technically, it’s ‘weeks’) because how else can you venture into some of the fanciest, scene and be seen places in the Greatest City in the World for foodies at rock bottom prices for a 3-course meal?  How else?  $24.07 for lunch or $35.00 for dinner?  Seriously?  You’d be crazy to let this go by.

Which restaurants are on my list?  Well… Now, before I go any further, this is the list for the entire year, not just for the summer.  The great thing about New York City?  You have more than one opportunity per year for Restaurant Week…*internal happy dance*

So, in no particular order:

  1. China Grill
  2. Maloney & Porcelli
  3. Hatsuhana
  4. Nobu
  5. Nougatine at Jean George
  6. Red Rooster
  7. Aquavit
  8. La Mar Cebicheria
  9. Les Halles
  10. Spice Market
  11. Aureole
  12. Megu
  13. Mesa Grill
  14. Brasserie Pushkin
  15. David Burke Kitchen

I kicked the reservations into high gear after attending a panel presentation at the New York Public Library on the 17th with the one, the only Tim Zagat (co-founder of all Zagat guides, of course), Rebecca Federman, co-curator of the fabulous and free exhibit “Lunch Hour NYC” at the New York Public Library, author Andrew P. Haley, and chef extraordinaire and restaurateur David Burke (of all things David Burke).

Let’s see how my 3-week foodie fest goes…*while looking at my ever-expanding mid section* … I’m ready for knives, forks and chopsticks.

Calories, schmalories.  It’s Summer Restaurant Week and I’m ready to ‘bring it.’

Alright Amateur Critics, who has eaten at any of these restaurants?  Care to share your experiences with the rest of us?  Comments are welcome!

Full Disclosure: I’ve patronized a few of these before.

P.S.  I’m really going to have to get back to the gym after this is all over.  I know, I know…I’ve said this before.  But this time, I mean it…*blink*


8 thoughts on “Calories, schmalories. It’s Summer Restaurant Week and I’m ready to ‘bring it’.

    • I know! I wouldn’t say I have a “favorite” place, but I will say, I was pleasantly surprised by La Mar Cebicheria Peruana. Muy delicioso! I’d never been there before, and I’ll definitely return. A bit of info to pass along — supposedly, they’ve extending their Restaurant Week to the end of the summer. So, if anyone would like to give it a try, stop in for dinner one night…they’re just steps away from Madison Square Park. Note: It’s in the old Tabla restaurant space.

    • Don’t you worry! You’re going to be in Nueva York for Blogher 2012 and once you land and get settled, out we go for dinner. Yes, ma’am. Restaurant Week is actually “Weeks”, so get ready! Skinny jeans-wearing is inappropriate!

    • I’m going to have to pace myself during the next three weeks. One day alone I’ve scheduled a lunch AND a dinner. Ugh…wise? I don’t know. We’ll see, won’t we?

      I actually wish I could do one of those food exploration tours of different regions of the country but I would be as big as a house, and I can’t let that happen. Next time I’m in the ATL, however, I’ll have to make a pit stop at the W. On my list!

    • The only thing that seems to be in my way is finding the time that meshes for me and my lunch and dinner dates! Alas, this is all First World Problems — not that serious. I wanted my first dinner to be this weekend, but Restaurant Week excludes Saturdays. (sigh)

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