‘Live from London!’ Oh, wait. No, these Olympics are delayed and so is this post.

I’m not in London.  I’m one of the millions sitting on chairs and couches living the experience of the Olympics through the boob-tube, i.e. the television.

So, one of the big complaints right of out of the starting gate for this year’s summer games:  The tape delays by NBC (and let’s not start on some of the “expert” idiotic commentary during some of the events…actually, yes, let’s get started on this…feel free to vent in a reply to this post).

Almost everything is taped and then replayed in primetime.  Unfortunately, in the age of social media (and these were dubbed the Social Media Games, right?), results posted via Twitter and other forms of media provide a plethora of ‘spoiler alerts’.  We already (well, those of us who are next to a computer all day or listen to the radio) know all the results — the good, the bad and the ugly.  It almost makes you not want to watch because, why bother?

Take now, for example — and when I say ‘now’, I mean, Monday night when I am typing this (not Tuesday when this post is actually published…see, even this post will be delayed):  As I type, the men’s gymnastics final is on.  I already know the United States failed to win a medal and the countries who back-flipped, vaulted and swung away with hardware were China, Japan and Great Britain, in that order.  So, instead of watching the taped event from start to finish, I decided to channel surf…30 Rock, the news, TMZ, Inside Edition, the BBC, CNN, Undercover Boss…


The 21st century ‘normal’ sharing of information at lightening speed (sorry, Usain Bolt, you’re fast but you’re not that fast)…I’m not sure how I feel about this (meanwhile, I’m tweeting, so who am I to judge…smh).  The recent Euro and World Cups didn’t bother me as much, but this whole Olympics coverage is bugging the heck out of me.  I long for the good old days when I would rush home to plant myself in front of the box-like electronic device with images being piped through it.  Alas, those days are a distant memory.  On a night like tonight (and again, ‘tonight’ is delayed to the publishing of this post today), I went to dinner — and didn’t even give it a second thought.  After all, I already knew the outcomes, and I would simply casually watch the replays…whenever.

‘Live from London!’  Oh, wait.  No, these Olympics are delayed and so is this post.


P.S.  On the subject of Usain Bolt, and frankly, track and field (well, track) events, I’m of the mindset that NBC, together with the IOC, have planned the timing of these events carefully.  If they haven’t, they’ll have a lot more problems than loud, heaping criticisms regarding delays.


2 thoughts on “‘Live from London!’ Oh, wait. No, these Olympics are delayed and so is this post.

  1. I try really hard to stay away from all media during the day for that reason! Even NBC spoils their own broadcast. Last night right before the women’s backstroke final they have a commercial about Missy Franklin being on the today show the next day wearing a gold medal. a few minutes later the race is on & ‘surprise’ she wins. I wish they would show other sports like field hockey, archery etc. I mean these people train so hard don’t they deserve at least 10 minutes of air time. OK 1 more pet peeve, how many times are they going to interview Ryan Lochte about Michael Phelps not winning??. I mean Lochte won a gold medal give him some credit!!
    Still LOVE the Olympics!!!!

    • The summer Olympic games is so exciting to me — much, much more than the winter Olympics. There are so many sporting events that draw me in, that wouldn’t normally througout the year — like beach volleyball. If you didn’t know better, you’d think the games were only about a handful of sports — and everything else were like stepchildren. Guess, that’s the way it is, but if you’ve worked hard to make it this far, you’d want a sliver of recognition for your sport.

      And the spoiler alerts….well, there’s no way around it at this point. It’s like the floodgates were opened and now the water is gushing out (or in). The Social Media Games coupled with NBC’s tape delays make it easy for people like me to be ho-hum about some of the events — after the fact. I will say, though, it was a nice to actually see the routines of the gymnasts, even if it was after the fact.

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