So, the swimming was nice and the gymnastics was nice, now bring on the track and field (specifically track).

Olympics lovers, it’s Week 2 of the Summer Olympic Games!  Yes!

We’ve been through much of the aquatics — or, all of the must-watch-television aquatics at this point.  Yes, there’s rowing…or is that over?  And there’s water polo.  That’s all good, but, if those aren’t your ‘things’, then the aquatics are really over.

We’ve been through much of the gymnastics — or, all of the sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat gymnastics (…Let’s pause, shall we, to congratulate Gabrielle Douglas…what a terrific ambassador for the sport of gymnastics…so poised and articulate with a smile that would light up a room…now, if only the ridiculous folk who started this b/s nonsense about her hair would shut the h*ll up…).  Message to Self: Need to get my hands on the Kellogg’s cereal box with her on the cover.  See story in Ad Age here.

Basketball is still in progress and so is volleyball (and I do like my volleyball), but ‘eh, with the U.S. Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams trampling over their opponents (and I mean no disrespect) and Men’s Volleyball playing hard and making things interesting with other tough teams, unless you really feel the need to watch, you can simply wait for the scores to be announced on the nightly news broadcast or follow the Olympics hashtag on Twitter.

So, the swimming was nice and the gymnastics was nice, now bring on the track and field (specifically, track).

The official London 2012 page has all the scheduling.  Winners have already been crowned, but I’ve got my eyes on track (doesn’t everybody?) and everything to do with TeamJamaica (trust me, I can’t name them all, but the entire contingent and hello, Usain Bolt, like everybody else…), Team GB (my fingers are crossed for Jessica Ennis), and basically, all the Caribbean islands.  But TeamUSA is not going to make things easy.  Prepare yourself for a battle.

Track is where it’s at, folks.

Hope you’re ready.

On your marks…get set…GO!


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