The U.S. versus Jamaica. Track and Field at the Olympics? Oh, no. Polo. Polo? Yep, Polo.

Life is all about getting out of your comfort zone sometimes and doing something different.  So…we went galloping into Newport, Rhode Island…Actually, it was Portsmouth, but let’s not get technical.

The long 3 1/2 hour ride to Portsmouth, Rhode Island wasn’t so bad after all, even with the never-ending rain (I’m not kidding) and a stop in Fall River, Massachusetts — the “home base” for the weekend.  Seems Newport is the place, so actually getting a place in the place is like winning the lottery during the summer.  We had to settle for 20 minutes into a neighboring state.  No biggie.

What had us schlepping to the north-north-east?

An epic battle.

The U.S. versus Jamaica. Track and Field at the Olympics? Oh, no. Polo. Polo? Yep, Polo.

We went to watch polo.  And by “we”, I mean a few cousins, The Road Warrior, The Shopping Lawyer, The Diva and her peeps.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had every intention to ruin my grand plans of stylin’ in wicked platforms, fabulous romper and an obnoxiously large sun hat.  I mean, it didn’t just drizzle.  It rained — and rained — and rained.  smh.

My whole polo-watching fashion ensemble turned from bang to fizzle even before departure.  After checking the weather reports on Friday, I knew the hat was pointless.  There wouldn’t be a lick of sun.  The 5″ platform wedges would be both silly and completely ruined.  And I was right — so I left them all at home.  I’m now looking at flats that I went stomping in a soaking, muddy, grassy field (oh, you stomp divots during half time at the polo grounds — it’s the thing to do).  They’re a wreck and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to salvage them. sigh.

Sitting under an umbrella during the pouring rain while watching a polo match in Newport (Portsmouth), Rhode Island, wasn’t how I’d envisioned the whole experience.  Alas, there was eye candy (once the helmets were off, believe me, I had a whole, new perspective)…

…oh, and there was also Girl Power.  Who knew one of the Jamaican polo players was female?  And she was one tough broad.  Shout outs and Big Ups to tough broads!

I managed to take a number of not-so-soggy pics of the adventure.  I’m only sharing a few.  It was tough getting action shots.  Polo can be be a very fast sport at times.  Not so easy catching charging polo ponies in the middle of a rain storm.

P.S.  The U.S. team won.  There you have it.  (I guess after the stir the Jamaican track and field athletes caused during the Olympics, it’s fine…there’s always next year. I’m all for friendly competition.)  A two-in-a-row victory for the Jamaican polo team was not to be.  And if you didn’t figure it out already, I was squarely on the side of Team Jamaica.  It’s just the way it had to be.


3 thoughts on “The U.S. versus Jamaica. Track and Field at the Olympics? Oh, no. Polo. Polo? Yep, Polo.

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    • It was. Unfortunately, something did not survive Mother Natures wrath. My flats. They died. They now are in the garbage. Next time, if there is even a hint of rain, I’ll wear my boots. I’m glad I didn’t wear my cute sandals or platform wedges. Can you imagine? I’d be in pieces right now.

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