Generation X: Mid 60s – Mid 70s | E.T.

E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial.  *drops mic with dramatic flair*  Remember, “Beee. Goood.”?  That movie, to this day, can make me cry.  Before it hit the theatres, that’s all we were talking about at school at lunch and during free period.  Everybody wanted to see it.  Everybody.  I fell in love with that whatever-the-h*ll-it-was…extra-terristrial.  “Elllliottt.”  Ugh.  Doesn’t it still get you?  C’mon, who didn’t love that thing? (Although, looking at it now, it’s a little creepy.)  Remember the feeling when E.T. was dying?  I’m not ashamed…I was sobbing, absolutely sobbing in the theatre, and I was not the only one!  And then when he held up his finger at the end, the light came on and he said, “I’ll. be. right. herrrre.”  Ugh.  My adolescence!

One of the best movies ever made.  Hands. Down.  Thank you Steven Spielberg.


6 thoughts on “Generation X: Mid 60s – Mid 70s | E.T.

    • That movie is so entrenched in the 80s and for those of us who were growing up then. When that movie came out, all I wanted to do was go to the mall…(until I ditched the suburbs and started hanging out in New York City every weekend!)

  1. I actually managed to wear out two, count ’em, TWO, VHS tapes of E.T. I was obsessed. After wearing out the second tape, I had a “nightmare” and have been terrified of the little guy ever since. When the movie was re-released, my friends made me face my fear. Then, they synchronized their shoulder grab with E.T.’s in the middle of a dark theater and I hid in my sweatshirt for the rest of the film. Sad times. But I know where you’re coming from. The memories…

    • You know, it’s interesting to see it now because I’m thinking, it is a little creepy-looking. The neck moves up and his eyes are so big and googly. But, it was his sweetness and the innocence and compassion of the kids in the movie that made him so appealing. Drew Barrymore was a cutie-pie, and whoa, did she turn into a hot mess later in life, but at the time, she was just a doll and the sweetest thing! Brings me back…makes me smile.

    • Really? You hadn’t seen it? Well, at least you’ve now seen bits and pieces, but I think it would be hard for me to look at it now as a first-timer since it was around a certain time; there was a certain spirit in the air at that time in the 80s. Also, I was younger, so it was so emotional. But, you made me laugh when you said C Dub called it a “travesty”. LOL! I’m sorry but that is so funny to me and I don’t know why! I guess he really didn’t/doesn’t like it! Okay, no problem.

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