Generation X: Mid 60s – Mid 70s | ‘Bite me.’

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

‘Bite me.’  Was this popularized in the 80s?  Somehow I remember this being said around the time of the whole ‘Valley Girl’ phase with ‘The Breakfast Club’ or ‘Sixteen Candles’.  Never uttered the words, but heard it said enough.  Fast forward a couple of decades, and the recent rage of vampire-type movies and television programming and maybe the cliché could apply?

‘Bite me.’  (Hmmm…Even now, it sounds corny.  Never got it.)


4 thoughts on “Generation X: Mid 60s – Mid 70s | ‘Bite me.’

  1. I think it was the 80’s but seems like that was when the Valley Girl stuff happened. I was born in 1970 so if it was in mid-70’s I probably didn’t know it….but I said it…A LOT!

    • Yeah, man, the 80s! That was about the time the word “like” came into being and oh. my. goodness., we just cannot get rid of that word! I still cringe when I hear it repeatedly in a conversation. To say it once, okay, I’ll let it slide. But by the 2nd time and beyond, all I can focus on is the word and I don’t hear a word of anything else you’re saying. LOL!

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