Generation X: Mid 60s – Mid 70s | “Miami Vice”

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If you remember the opening and theme song to this, then you are definitely part of Gen X — whether you were born during the first half (like me) or the second half.  (Note: Can’t get enough? You want to see the creator of this piece of music history?  Okidoki, here you go — that’s Jan Hammer boys and girls.  Ain’t he fly?)

Vice cops with designer suits, “manscaping” (they took grooming to “a whole ‘nother level”), South Beach backdrops, flash and dash of 80s excess thrown in, along with electronic, synthesized pop music in the background.  (Cue: In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins)

Yep, that was “Miami Vice”. Oh boy.  There’s just so much to say about this show.  They were “too cool for school” with every opportunity to showcase chest hair with just enough buttons unbuttoned on their shirts.  They just oozed sex-appeal, didn’t they?  Females drooled.  Ordinary Joes thought they could be like them. (I can’t help but shake my head at this.)

Crockett and Tubbs looked so good.  It’s like you didn’t want to touch them for fear their suits would get wrinkled.  And, I almost forgot the shoes with no socks!  Never a lace up.  Always a slip on.  Yep, that was also the style back then.  How the shoes didn’t fly off during a foot chase is beyond me. Oh, the 80s — Gotta love television back then!

P.S.  And of course, who could forget the mobile phones they’d whip out back then?  They were about 8″ x 2″ and weighed probably 20 lbs, so seeing someone with that cinder block by their ear meant they were a “baller”.  *looks at BlackBerry*


8 thoughts on “Generation X: Mid 60s – Mid 70s | “Miami Vice”

  1. I loved this show! CDub and I still catch old episodes and laugh at the fashions! And my daddy was one of the first to have one of those big cell phones! We thought he was ballin!

    • Whoa, your dad had one! Yeah, he was a baller! I didn’t know what it was like to have a phone in the house until I moved to this country. (So serious) I didn’t get a mobile phone until I was well into my late twenties and I was living in yet another country. My first US mobile I got in my early 30s. Oh, how I wish I could have had a mobile when I watched “Miami Vice” but not even The West Indian Mother had a mobile. We were still rocking the rotary…remember those? (Dialing took 10 minutes) (LOL)

  2. Those old school phones were the best, in 1993 I was working for a marketing company that worked with the film industry and we had an office cell phone. It was brick in the bag, but man we thought we were bad asses when we carried the phone out. Crazy stuff. Yeah, I used to love Miami Vice, when I was in HS in the 80’s, all the fly dudes wore slip on’s just like Tubbs and Crockett.

    • Seeing the clips online the other day, even the one I dropped in the post with Jan Hammer, I thought: I can’t believe we looked like that…I can’t believe this was fly…(smh) As for the mobile phones, haha! Yeah, “a brick in a bag” is the truth! When I look at what we have now, I wouldn’t be caught dead with something that size. Even car phones were huge.

      And the whole shoes without socks thing. If your ankles were ashy — not a good look on any male!

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