Maybe a little melodramatic, but is the universe against me?

A few blog posts ago, I put it out to the universe (and the Twittersphere) that the scale (and my increasingly tightening clothes) had essentially said: No mas!

Basically, I needed to slow down on the chow down.

It’s hard to do that in this city and it doesn’t help that I’m a little addicted to food trucks.  (Remember my summer visit to DC?  sigh…And if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see my daily lunch quests for trucks in the Midtown Manhattan area.)

Then, of course, there are the occasional deliveries of packaged meals from The West Indian Mother, which makes this whole lessening of food consumption a challenge.  (Another delivery arrived last week Saturday night.)

So, Saturday morning, I got on the scale — again — and the result was not good.  Immediately, this is what I did:

  1. Looked into registering for Zumba and bootcamp classes at my no-frills gym (more of an exercise studio, but we won’t harp on this).  Problem:  The classes are not at a convenient time.  They simply won’t work with my schedule.
  2. Attempt to split all meals from The West Indian Mother in halfProblem: Some are truly one-meal packages, and then, like the other night, one of the meals was so delicious, I ate the whole thing.  *hangs head in shame*
  3. Check the dietary labels on the items in the refrigeratorProblem: The Silk Pure Coconut milk, which is insanely delicious, so much so that I’ve been chugging it daily is a little high in saturated fat for my comfort (or am I worried about nothing?) — and — not only am I in the midst of finishing a carton, there’s still an unopened one in the refrigerator (which I will have to drink because I am certainly not throwing it away).

The only thing that has not fallen through is my appointment with a hypnotist.  It’s coming up.  I’ve never had hypnotherapy.  Hmmm…does this work with curbing a voracious appetite?  We will see before the month ends.  I’ll report back.

And so, also, one of my last of hopes: 

I downloaded the Endomondo app.  (I hope it doesn’t crash my very old BlackBerry.)  Desperate times for desperate measures.  I’ve got to whip this body back into shape and track my progress.  Maybe this mobile tattle-tale will help me to keep the motivation going once I begin the daily solo exercise routine.

Maybe a little melodramatic, but is the universe against me?

Hmmm…Well, no matter what it is, no excuses.  It all comes down to discipline.  I need to reclaim it.


2 thoughts on “Maybe a little melodramatic, but is the universe against me?

    • Yes, thank you, that’s my goal. I really do feel the universe is against me. This past week was supposed to be week 1 of a re-start to my whole Exercise Queen routine. Well, that crashed and burned, and I’m exhausted. But, now that The Second Mother is settled back at the nursing home, I can try again next week. If it’s nice this weekend, I’ll start walking again to build up to running. I’d appreciate a pep talk every once in a while. Have no problem getting yelled at by my social media peeps. (LOL)

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