This hypnotherapy thing is slightly creepy. *blink*

I was a first-timer.

First, there’s was no dangling pendulum thing-y.  Second, there was no hopping on one foot, barking like a dog or spilling federal secrets.  Third, I was fully conscious, and when I say “fully conscious”, I mean, my eyes were closed but I could hear everything, so much so that my mind kept jumping from thought to thought — like the delicious crepe I’d eaten 30 minutes before at Vive la crepe (Mmmm, their crepes are light and slightly sweet — basically, insanely delicious…but I digress).

Okay, bringing it back…

The experience was nothing like television.

I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed.  Actually, more than disappointed, I’m not sure what the heck happened.  I was wide awake with my eyes closed.

My assessment?

This hypnotherapy thing is slightly creepy.  *blink*

It was just a l-i-t-t-l-e bit weird.  I can’t explain it.  Especially since the voice of the hypnotist changed so drastically once it began, I was like, “Whoa, what the h*ll happened?  Who is this person?”  (I didn’t dare open my eyes because I was afraid I’d see a scary thing with eyes rolled back in their heads, face all contorted…yes, I was scared enough to keep my eyes as tightly closed as possible.)   O_o

Photo Credit: Groupon (Alabama Promotion)

And then on top of everything, wasn’t I supposed to fall asleep?  Wasn’t I to be in a trance?  Wasn’t I to feel refreshed and revitalized?  I was stifling the urge to smile a few times.  And I felt like an eyelash was in my right eye, which of course, felt like a pebble, so it was annoying and made my eyeball so incredibly uncomfortable.

“Feeeeeeel yourrrrself relaaaxed aaaaand youuuur bodyyyy siiiiiinnnnnkkkkiiiinnnngggg deeeeperrrr and deeeeperrrr innnto thhhhe chaiiirrrr…”

Obviously, I wasn’t focusing hard enough.  Obviously.  smh.

I don’t know (sigh)…but I’m keeping an open mind.  The hypnotherapist is lovely.  I have two more visits.  My next one won’t be for another month, so, I’ll report back.


10 thoughts on “This hypnotherapy thing is slightly creepy. *blink*

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  3. Like it! I’m training in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and at times it feels just like you describe. Sometimes it seems way to simple to work. But it keeps working. Weird.
    If you’ve time, check out my blog. It might make you smile.

    • Thanks for commenting. The verdict is still out. As I said to someone this week, all the things you see on television, at least in my case, did not happen. The hypnotherapist didn’t event say the, “You are getting sleeeeeeepy” statement, and of course, I’m still having a tough time not having the dangling pocket watch experience. Ha! Oh well.

      I’ll take a look a closer look at your blog, and good luck with your course of study.

      • Ah, you see current theory is that we’re all in a trance of some sort most of the time and that the true role of the hypnotist is to de-hypnotise us from from the ones which are causing trouble.

        Although I’m still in training, I’m pretty sure that if you wanted the whole pocket watch experience, you’ll be able to find someone who’ll oblige!

        I found that the 10 year old boy who’s still being mischeivous at the back of my mind was really put out when we did the training around pendulums because I ended up having to use a gold(ish) chain with a pink crystal on the end! Why couldn’t mine have been a lump of lead or a rock?
        …or a pocket watch come to think of it!….

    • She actually made me breathe a sigh of relief when she said I’d see her in about a month. Thank God. I need time to see what the heck happened and whether it works. Two more appointments, that’t all I’ve got.

  4. Ummm hmmmm… Maybe you were actually under and that’s why suddenly the theropist’s voice sounded strange??? But seriously what if you had opened your eyes and the therapist had an eye in the middle of his/her forehead??? I’d run screaming from the room…..just saying….

    • Can I tell you… (and everyone else who will read this comment)…I really thought if I opened my eyes and saw Crazy, the room was so tiny and she was almost blocking the door, I don’t know how I’d get out of there! So, I wouldn’t dare open those eyes.

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