Generation X: Mid 60s – Mid 70s | “Members Only”

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Alright, cool kids.  Remember this?

The early 1980s brought flash and dash.  Big hair.  Big shoulders.  Big pants.  Big shirts. Bold colors…

…And “Members Only”. 

Someone came up with the brilliant idea to market a jacket with two simple words, and it took the decade by storm.  I’m not quite sure what the marketing team at “Members Only” was thinking — could it be we would all be a gang?


The 80s was a time of Saturday morning programming, after school specials, and of course, movies and music videos featuring dancers looking tough and stuff.  Completing the “look” — “Members Only”.

Coolness personified.

Remember the posing that went along with it when you got a jacket, which of course went well with your bright, neon tops and oversized stirrup pants (for the girls) and parachute pants (for the boys)?  Those clothes:  Priceless.  Tragic.  Wrong in so. many. ways.  You styled your “Members Only” jacket zipper up, zipper down, fake Ray Bans on (for the boys).  For the girls, you just made your hair that much higher and bigger.

Hmmm…What was the jacket made of?  Was it flammable?!  Oh God.  What the h*ll was that thing?!  Polyester?  Cotton?  smh.  sigh.  It didn’t matter.  It was the baddest thing at the mall.

Surprise, surprise, 30 years later, the “Members Only” brand is still around…

…and so are we, Gen X-ers.  So are we.

*Wonders if “Members Only” will call me to do modeling gig as a Gen X-er in jackets complete with retro poses in my 5″ heels, of course…I could totally do that. (Who am I kidding?  No, I couldn’t…Okay, yes I could.)*


4 thoughts on “Generation X: Mid 60s – Mid 70s | “Members Only”

  1. Begged my parents for these but they couldn’t afford them. Finally got one when my Dad spend a month in Korea on military maneuvers – of course it was a counterfeit!

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