Just Pics: There’s a lot you can see at high speed…if you don’t blink.

Sassy Spitfire and I (or is it me?…oh, whatever) headed back to New York City via Amtrak — just shy of 18 hours in a roomette.  Our (almost) week away to visit The Southern Branch of La Familia came to a swift and abrupt end. 

  1. I have a simple point and click camera, so if shots are blurry, you know why.  I can only do so much.
  2. The last two photos…well…I needed sustenance after that long ride.  Only a red velvet Munchkin (or 25) could save me!  *insert melodrama here* (Just get yourself to Dunkin Donuts that’s all I’m sayin’.)
  3. Yes, photo “Atlanta to NYC 9 – brainypintsizer.com” is a prison.  We saw two on the route.  Ah, America…the foliage, the vistas, the barbed wire compounds.

Just Pics: Sponteaneous Family Dinner + Birthday Party Organized on the Fly

After an 18-hour Amtrak ride, when you show up (and in this case, me and Sassy Spitfire) surprising family with a visit, you’d think they wouldn’t be able to pull a family dinner and birthday party* together in a couple of hours, but you’d be wrong. Oh, so wrong.  Caribbeans don’t need much to have a feast and party. 

Let’s get the double ovens going.  P.S.  The only thing missing was the rum punch.

*Sassy Spitfire celebrates her 85th birthday on Wednesday…85 years young!