Hypnotherapy: The journey continues…but it’s a strange trip, man.

Wayyyyy back at the end of September, I went to my first hypnotherapy session and it was truly an eye opener.  O_O  (Actually, my eyes weren’t open…I was too afraid…read my previous blog post and comments…and this one…you’ll get what I mean.)  So, it’s been a while. Since I went through the motions once, I was prepared.  No surprises.

Cut to last Thursday night.  Yep, Thursday.

I go.  Again, the hypnotherapist is lovely — pleasant, soft-spoken and even has a sense of humor.  But when the session begins, I think: Is she the Bride of Chucky with a sing-songy voice?

There’s something about the voice.  Are these people supposed to give you the heeby-geebies?  I cannot help but focus on her and her slightly creepy voice during the entire session — when I’m supposed to be focusing on me while “…sinking deeeeeper and deeeeeeper innntoo the chaiiiirrrrr…

I’m serious.  The entire time, my thoughts cannot settle and I am so tempted to open my eyes ever so slightly to see what she looks like.  Tempted: Yes.  But too d*mn frightened to do it.  I’m scared I’ll open my eyes and the woman will be seated with her head resting on the chair, her eyes rolled to the back of her head — or just maybe, completely at the other end of the spectrum — flipping through 50 Shades of Grey, her day planner or the supermarket circular for the week nonchalantly.

What if her eyes have rolled to the back of her head???  What if?! 

I’d have to jump out of the chair and grab my handbag in one motion, run by her, whip my jacket off the hook, unlock her New York City-style Fort Knox locks, and run down stairs of her pre-war building, only to then be confronted by not one, but two, security doors (should I be worried?) and dump myself on to the street, screaming hysterically while passersby simply, casually, in true New York City blasé fashion, stroll by eating a frozen yogurt.  (Yes, I’ve thought about this whole scenario.)

Or…what if she is flipping through the supermarket circular and making her grocery list?  What if?! 

Do I stand up in disgust and reprimand her while grabbing my handbag, stride to the door, retrieve my jacket, unlock her door while still giving her a piece of my mind, then leave in a huff, stomping down the stairs?  (Again, confronted by the two security doors.)

My next appointment has not yet been scheduled.  I’m thinking early December.  What do you think?

Hypnotherapy: The journey continues…but it’s a strange trip, man.


3 thoughts on “Hypnotherapy: The journey continues…but it’s a strange trip, man.

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