Just Pics (Mostly): A West Indian-Italian Table…Thanksgiving and Post-Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day…It was all fun and games until the Italian-Puerto Rican whipped out the pitcher and started to make drinks… *blink* … and the Jamaicans didn’t seem to mind one bit… *eye raise* … and the Italians, well, they were guzzling down the wine… smh.

(So, I had the craziest dream last night…someone was running behind me trying to kill me…I think…after they killed someone with a cleaver…I think…)


Cornish Hens…Roasted to Perfection (so I heard…I’m meatless)

Fish Filleted…for all the meatless folks but those who eat seafood

Ham: Sliced with lots and lots of basting (A staple during every holiday — every holiday)

Butternut Squash Soup: The smoothest and most creamy soup ever…Mmmmm…

Sassy Spitfire’s World Famous 4-Cheese Mac and Cheese

Cranberry Sauce…Next year, I’ll demand that multiple tablespoons of brandy be added. Yes?

Roasted and Caremelized Acorn Squash

Roasted Mixed Vegetables

Yes, more roasted vegetables: Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Red Onions with Parmesan Cheese…We try to be healthy. Try.

Green Salad with Tomatoes and Raw Mushrooms


Post-ThanksgivingReds, a.k.a., The West Indian Mother, fried up some fish (okay, like 20 pounds worth)…and I’m not a fried fish kinda chica but…when it’s escovitch fish…Yaaaaaasssss… *raises hand as if to ‘testify’*

Escovitch Fish – This angle

Escovitch Fish – That angle

And she left this…I can’t touch it for at least 7 days.  It has to ‘seep’…i.e. marinate.

Pickle or “Pikkle”


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