SNAP Challenge – Day 1 | Meal Plan and Reflections

SNAP Challenge - Day 1 - Dinner - Soup...a starter

Day 1 of my 7-day SNAP Challenge.  I’ll skip the melodrama and simply say, overall, it wasn’t bad.  There were periodic bumpy moments.  That being said, a few stomach growls didn’t make me incapable of functioning, and no, my life wasn’t going to end or flash before my eyes.  Seriously, no.  I just hoped my stomach wouldn’t decide to have an over-amplified conversation whenever I was in the presence of co-workers, and I was thankful there were no meetings scheduled on my calendar.

So, my meal plan on Day 1…

  • Breakfast:  Apple (peeled and diced)
  • Lunch:  Bumble Bee Tuna Salad + Mini Crackers (6) Combo
  • Snack:  Carrots
  • Dinner:  Soup w/Sweet Corn and Rice w/Brunswick Canned Herring Fillets

Breakfast was, well, skimpy.  I began my day by drinking water — a normal activity, so this was no problem.  I usually drink what amounts to about 4 glasses by the time I arrive at the office.  After having my apple, I had a cup of hot water.  Since my $30.00 week allowance could only stretch so far, my tea bags and sugar had to be sacrificed.  You have no idea how much this pains me. Tea is important in my life — very important.  (Coffee is important too to Bean Lovers, good for them, but let’s stay focused here on my superficial needs.)

Lunch was delicious — but not enough.  I was still very hungry.  I wasn’t happy to dip into my precious and carefully portioned snack of carrots. I reluctantly removed 3 carrots.  I followed with another cup of hot water.  I had a moment when I thought this was just going to get worse, but I quickly snapped out of it.

I savored my carrots when snack time came at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. However, my last carrot had a God-awful smell and tasted of what appeared to be gasoline.  It was simply sickening.  I was now minus one carrot, and I was Not. Happy.

Dinner was absolutely, hands down, the best.  Using one of the packets of soup, which has about 4 servings, I added the entire bag of frozen sweet corn.  That ballooned the soup to 6 servings. Woop!

SNAP Challenge - Day 1 - Soup Making

I didn’t stop there — and might I say, The West Indian Mother would have been proud after what I whipped up — I made one of the packets of rice (I had two).  I also sautéed the canned herring with a tomato.  That gave the dish more “bulk”.  Together, they were heavenly.

SNAP Challenge - Day 1 -  Carolina Rice Pilaf

SNAP Challenge - Day 1 - Dinner

So, to round out my thoughts on Day 1 — The Lesson Learned:  I should have had a much heavier lunch (if not breakfast).  That would have helped to combat the hunger and the heavy head (I didn’t have a headache but my head felt strange) that I could not escape for most of the day.

My final thought:  Yes, you need money to find a way to fill your stomach, but creativity in the kitchen goes a long way.  You must find ways to make whatever you have in the ingredients department work.  You need to “stretch” your portions.  Find ways to mix items and make them at least relatively tasty.  There’s no magic to this.  I’m adventurous in the kitchen.  I fear nothing, and this is all thanks to The West Indian Mother and The Second Mother.  The credit is all theirs.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’m ready for Day 2.  Remember to follow @brainypintsizer on Twitter.  You’ll be subjected to food pics, SNAP thoughts, and my usual random marketing information and rants.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. – Chinese Proverb


2 thoughts on “SNAP Challenge – Day 1 | Meal Plan and Reflections

  1. Your mother would be so proud! Ok, I started the challenge around dinnertime last night, and had the remainder of my bag of Pasta-Roni…enjoyable enough. This morning it’s coffee and cereal. Will keep you posted on my culinary adventures as the day progresses:-)

    • It’s good to have a buddy…we’re routing for each other. 🙂 You jumped in without planning — and that’s terrific! We’lll keep each other motivated. I think the key is to make meal plans (yes, I’m slightly Type A) or at least have have an idea of what you’d like to have based on the foods you have readily available. It helps. This has been a learning experience. This is not exactly easy.

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