SNAP Challenge – Day 2 | Meal Plan and Reflections

SNAP Challenge - Day 2 - Meals Packaged

My second day, yesterday, Tuesday, was a much better day than the first.  I’m in a groove now and I also have a buddy — a fellow ‘foodie’:  @usedyorkcity.  Awesome.  We’re keeping tabs on each other, sharing tweets of our meals.  (You can too — check us out.)

My slightly Type A personality *raised eye brows* has me sticking to strict meal plans.  Yes, I’ve actually written (not typed) out what I’m having each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I even built in snacks, but no desserts.  I had no money left to purchase “dessert” items or ingredients to create desserts.  *sigh*  I tweaked the original plan I’d drafted on Sunday night in preparation for the start of the Challenge on Monday, and with the second day under my belt, the tweaks definitely made a huge difference.  I am not only full, but full and satisfied.

So, my meal plan on Day 2…

  • Breakfast:  An Apple (like yesterday)
  • Lunch:  Leftover Herring Fillets (Kippers), Sweet Corn + Sweet Potato
  • Snack:  Carrots*
  • Dinner:  Small Bowl of Soup (from the batch made yesterday), Rice Pilaf (from what was also cooked yesterday), Broccoli + Baked Beans

That was the plan.  However, having a heavier lunch (I had the food available), allowed me to skip the day’s snack.*  A small victory.  I’ve put what I would have had yesterday with today’s portion since a “liquid lunch” is slotted on the menu: Soup.

Tuesday’s Highlight:  Lunch.  The quantity was perfect.  With three distinct ingredients (fish, corn, sweet potato), it was simple but extremely tasty.  I have an affinity for the slight saltiness of the Kippers.  I know, I know, I need to stay away from sugars and sodium, but when it comes to fish, it never, ever tastes good (and you can’t change my mind) without enough salt.

SNAP Challenge - Lunch - Day 2

Dinner was just as tasty.  With rice, broccoli and beans — not exactly what you would think of as a perfect combination — it worked and was extremely filling (must be all those carbs).

SNAP Challenge - Day 2 - Dinner

Side Note:  I love beans, and there’s something to be said about Bush’s Fat Free Vegetarian Baked Beans.  They’re in a class by themselves.  With a little oil in a saucepan, with or without diced onions and/or garlic, a tomato or two, salt, pepper, and the star of the show, the beans themselves, it is simply delicious and filling.  These beans are a terrific accompaniment or as a stand alone with bread, a muffin, or in this case, rice.  Simply, mmmhmm…yummy.  I buy them in multiples when they’re on sale.  Yes, I stock up.

SNAP Challenge - Day 2 - Bush's Vegetarian Baked Beans

Final Thoughts:  As my second day came to a close, the seriousness of this Challenge was not lost on me — and I certainly hope isn’t lost on you.  You may think, “She’s doing alright.”  But, remember, this is not my reality under normal circumstances.  This is not something I have to contend with, and so I count my blessings.  I was in good health before I started this.  I was not in any way shape or form malnourished (and yes, even in America, there are those who are malnourished) or overweight and/or suffering from diabetes (and unless you have been living in a cave, we’ve all heard about the alarming rise in diabetes not only in adults but children).

I am definitely missing “comforts” like my lunch explorations (a.k.a. on Twitter #TheGreatLunchHunt) and frequent stalkings of lunch trucks, as well as afternoon teas and my nightly grapefruit fix.  In the grand scheme of things, they’re not that serious.  So, I will shut up and get on with this SNAP Challenge because somewhere tonight someone probably only minutes away from where I live went to bed hungry.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Hunger knows no friend but its feeder.  – Aristophanes


4 thoughts on “SNAP Challenge – Day 2 | Meal Plan and Reflections

    • Thank you. I need encouragement now. I thought I had a “groove” but since I came home late, hours since my lunch, I have a wicked headache. I feel ridiculous for even complaining. I’ll stop now because at least I had meals today — and frankly, after all the food I normally eat, I can miss and delay a few meals.

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