Clubbing? You mean like hitting someone over the head? Oh…you mean like GOING to a club.

Friday night, SingleGalNYC and I decided to celebrate.  We’re both Aquarius babies.  So, you would think after our sumptuous dinner at Masak, we’d go to a lounge and sip things out of glasses with fruit or fruit skin decorations, chit chat while eye-balling gentlemen and looking civilized.

Culture Club NYC | The drinks menu over the bar (

Oh, no.  We decided to go clubbing. Yes. Clubbing.

Let’s see…When was the last time I was in da club.  Hmmmm…Probably about 10 years ago, and if I recall correctly, I rang The West Indian Mother and told her the afternoon after I’d awoken from a night-into-a-morning-out that I felt as though I was dying.  Mind you, we were almost 3,500 miles apart with an ocean between us.  Like, what the h*ll was she going to do?  Actually, now that I think about it, she didn’t seem the least bit worried.


But, I digress…

Yes, so we decided to go clubbing — strobe lights, thumping beats and all — our stop:  Culture Club — a Midtown West staple.  Coincidentally, Culture Club is located on the same street as one of my favorite stores, Lord & Taylor.  If you follow me enough on Twitter, you’ll see that they should give me a key so that I can hit the store when I feel like it.  I was carded.  The bouncer at the door looked almost young enough to be my child.

Again, I digress…

It was going to be “80s Night”.  I thought: ‘Oh, okay, this should be fun’ — and it was!  Oh, how much fun did we have?!  So. Much. Fun.  Ninety-five percent of the night, the DJ spun some of the best tunes from the 1980s.  (There were a few that were clearly not from the decade, however.)  I couldn’t help but look around occasionally to see the mature (yes, that’s what I’d call it) crowd screaming and belting out lyrics at the top of their lungs!  There was old school hip hop.  Pop.  Hair band rock.  It was like going back in time — a time when I went through cans of Aqua Net.  (Note: If you haven’t done a search on Generation X on this lil’ old blog of mine, you’re missing out on some nostalgia — just sayin’. Keep going back in ‘Older Posts’.  You’ll find some gems.  Remember ‘Members Only’?  Gimbels?  Leisure Suits?  ‘Solid Gold’?)

I digress…again…

I don’t recall hearing Prince & The Revolution or Morris Day and The Time.  There was no New Edition or Heavy D.  I believe there was old school Bon Jovi and Guns N’ Roses.  For all I know, the ones I claimed to not have heard were played, and well you know, before the body goes, the mind goes.  I’m surprised I even remember I went clubbing.

Culture Club NYC |

The place was PACKED.  There were no bar brawls.  Just good, clean fun.  When we were leaving (Note: We cut out of there after 11 p.m.  Yes, we needed to get to bed.  We know how old we are), the floor had thinned out considerably.  It definitely wasn’t the sardine can we walked into.  The joint was filled with mostly an after-work-I’d-like-to-party-on-a-Friday-night crowd.  These were not a let’s-move-to-three-different-clubs-after-this-one-and-go-for-breakfast-at-5 a.m.-at-a-diner-and- then-go-home crowd.  No.  These were people who needed to be home and snug in their beds by 2.a.m., the latest.  A few people accessorized wearing glow-in-the-dark items that were extremely popular back then, but no-one came dressed in full 80s gear. (Thank God.)

Culture Club NYC | Ceiling (

Would I go again?  Maybe.  It won’t be for a while though.  While climbing the stairs to get to the coat check at the end of the night, my legs and knees were stiff and sore, and I might add, I didn’t wake up until noon the following day.

Yeah, it won’t be for a very long while.


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