Sure, it was an impulse buy, but it was (almost) Fashion Week. Soooo, that gives me a pass, right?

Prepare yourself for a girlie post…

Let’s start with the somewhat sensible purchase of the week…yes, let’s. You see, it all started two mornings ago. The weather wasn’t the greatest in the Greatest City in the World.  I needed to bring out the rain boots.  It was snowy, cold and wet. Yuck.

But my rain boots…there was a problem. Several problems, actually.  Cracks in the rubber, which were seemingly small weeks ago developed into wide breaks on both feet.  Both. Feet.  These are rain boots.  If my memory isn’t failing me yet, maybe I’ve had these boots for a year, if not less?  How was this possible?  (Note:  The brand was Chooka.  Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money.)  Anyway, in my world, there’s nothing more rewarding than getting fabulous clothes and shoes at a bargain.  So, off I went to Lord & Taylor during lunch (you know how much warmth I feel for their second floor women’s shoe section), and I wasn’t disappointed.  I returned to the office with brand, spankin’, new, black, shiny Hunter boots!  Woo!  Hunter, please don’t fail me now.  I’ve spent too much dinero on a fashion item that isn’t a pair of stilettos.  (They’re shiny, aren’t they?  I can’t stop looking at them.)  As soon as I went back to the office, the Chookas were unceremoniously directed to the garbage where they belonged.

I wore my new Hunters home that evening.  *whistles a happy tune*

Hunter Tall Glossy Black Rain Boots

Okay, so here’s what happened on the same day…

On my way to Lord & Taylor I got sidetracked.  (How does this happen in snowy, wet weather, when I should be focused?)  Whoa — I was stopped in my tracks as I walked by a boutique and saw THIS on a mannequin in the window…(and let me say this: This photo does not do it justice…and the dress is 70’s inspired (score!)):

Print Maxi Dress by Gracia (

I diiiiieeee!  Soooo excited I could burst!  I’m drawn to maxi dresses, and 70’s vintage or 70’s inspired — oh, yes please!  (It’s the only type of clothing item that I’ll step out of my comfort zone for and purchase in prints and colors.)  I pushed the door of the boutique open so quickly, I thought I startled the cashier, but I actually startled myself.  I made a bee-line to the racks of clothing and began moving through hangers at a rapid pace.

I found it!!  But it was two sizes too large.  Are you kidding me??  But then there was another next to it.  I grabbed it quickly to check the tag. It was one size too large.  I felt like someone let air out of my balloon.  I started to panic.  And then I saw one more…”Please, please, please…” I said quietly to myself.  Eek!  Yes, it’s my size!  *Aaaahhhh…(as in the sounds from the heavens)*   I love, love, love, the flowy, airy feeling of the dress.  I love the puffy, long sheer sleeves.  I love the wide, elasticized waist.  I love the neckline.  Yes, there’s a lot of love for this dress.

One word: Winning.

Sure, it was an impulse buy, but it was (almost) Fashion Week.  Soooo, that gives me a pass, right?  (Oh, my God, I can’t wait to rock it with a fierce pair of platforms. Yes! Yes!  *runs around happily in my head*)


5 thoughts on “Sure, it was an impulse buy, but it was (almost) Fashion Week. Soooo, that gives me a pass, right?

  1. Hey girly girl. I think I may need someone to buzz me not just when you update your blog, but to just read blogs in general. lol. Love the boots, or wellies as we would have said in London. Hunters are not simply rubber boots – tell all the naysayers that! They are precious!!! Love the kaftan dress. I have been looking for one myself for ages now and cannot find one I like.

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