Lent: Fasting. (I know, I can’t believe it either…Seriously, what would Jesus do?)

Don’t ask me why (because I don’t have an answer), but somehow in this head of mine I decided — without much thought (obviously) — that for Lent, I’d really make a sacrifice. I decided to fast.

Many of you may remember that last December I decided to see what it was truly like to live on very, very limited funds for food with a SNAP Challenge.  Maybe somewhere in my psyche this propelled me to come up with this crazy idea to fast.  For those not in the know–the Christian season of Lent is 40 days and 40 nights.  Yes, forty.  Four, zero days, and four, zero nights. *blink*

I know, I can’t believe it either.  Maybe there’s some leeway here?  Monday to Friday, off Saturday and Sunday?  Seriously, what would Jesus do?   Hmmm…Maybe I should call my church.  Actually, I will call my church.  Let’s see what they say in the matter.

What day and night is it at this point?  I’ve lost track, and folks, I’m not sure I’m gonna make it.  My head aches slightly.  Actually, I’m not sure if it’s really aching or I think it’s aching.  I can’t tell.  Needless to say, I’m concerned about this sacrifice.  I just don’t want to be delirious.  Sassy Spitfire, my 85-year old aunt, is already warning me about the possibility of my blood sugar dropping and me passing out.  Great. She’s put this in my head.  Now, I’m paranoid.  (Old people. They always do that mess.)  *looks over at my empty shake container*

Does my “fast” qualify as a fast?  I’ll ask the church this too.  I mean, the robed ones should have these answers, right?  This is Lent.  In their world, this is like an All Star Game, albeit very solemn.  They live for this stuff.

Okay, so, I’m only having liquids until after sundown — then, I eat.  That means at least two shakes per day, perhaps a cup of tea or two, water, perhaps a mixed non-alcoholic beverage (yes, the intake of cocktails have been curbed–not eliminated, just curbed–let’s not go crazy here), and that’s it.  Once it’s dinner time, I am very much hungry, and so a good meal is necessary.  On my plate is always protein, vegetables and some sort of starch.  Not too heavy, after all, it’s late in the day and your body tends to be more sedentary.

Sigh.  This is going to be…one…long…Lent.

*looks again at empty shake container*

(This blog post may be the shortest I’ve ever penned.  I can’t type any more.  I’m too weak.  Okay, maybe a little melodramatic.  I’m fine.  I just wish I could have a piece of The West Indian Mother’s cake sitting in the refrigerator.  You remember she sent a care package near the end of January, don’t you?  She does this occasionally.  I feel like I’m being tortured.  *sobs quietly on the inside*  Pray for me.)


8 thoughts on “Lent: Fasting. (I know, I can’t believe it either…Seriously, what would Jesus do?)

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  3. Yowzers! How’s it going?!?! I’m so glad that you are at least hydrating during the day so you can keep sharp and focused at work…still, liquid calories only take a girl so far! Have you noticed your appetite at night going down, too? I’ve tried the fasting thing before for a 30 Hour Famine school activity and remember being shocked, thinking I was going to stuff my face when it was over, but only being able to get down 2 slices of pizza! Granted 30 hours is a lot easier than 40 DAYS!:-)

    • Jess, I’m so desperate right now for this to be over! I’m (slightly) OCD, so I feel like I must follow through with it to the enth degree — like I have no choice.

      The only thing that gives me joy is having the opportunity to going to dinner after work sometimes. Sigh. I’d do anything to go to Sakagura tonight. Anything. It’s been on my mind ever since I went there last week. I want Japanese small plates (or Spanish tapas, I’m not choosy). (*sobbing on the inside*)

      I’m so hungry, once I have dinner, I’m shoving it all in! (*cries more*) I’m not necessarily enjoying my food, especially at home because as soon as the food is cooked and turn the stove off, I’m surprised I’m not eating out of the pot! I’m rushing to plate it all.

    • Thank you!! I can’t even think of what day of the 40 days this is. I’m such a mess. I am so hungry by 3 pm, as soon as I get food (which is way past sundown) I just cut and swallow. Seriously, I don’t think I chew. O_o Surely, this is fasting thing is not healthy.

    • I’m trying. I could really eat a meal right now! I’m hungry. I’ll have a shake. I have nothing to really distract me today so all I’m thinking about is dinner…and it’s not even close to sundown.

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