There’s something about a man in a crisp white shirt and jacket and black tie (A post for the ladies)

Friday night in the City That Never Sleeps, and @SingleGalNYC and I had already decided well in advance, we’d be having dinner — and it would be French cuisine. We ended up at Saju on West 44th Street.

But let’s talk about the post-“Parisian-like”-dinner cocktail treat at The Lambs Club.

The Lambs Club (NYC)

“The Bar” at the Lambs Club.  Love this place.  Delicious drinks (and bar food), terrific ambiance (the black and red decor is just mad cool), and well…

…There’s something about a man in a crisp white shirt and jacket and black tie.

*fans self*

The Lambs Club: "The Bar"

Oh, I can appreciate a sharp, dressed man (and “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer and “Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake over the sound system).  Yes, I can, so “The Bar” does just fine in my book.

Enter The Lambs Club by pulling on the big heavy doors; climb the entry stairway to the lobby.  You can stop there (you can, because white-jacketed bartenders are positioned in the Lobby Bar), or, you can head upstairs to “The Bar”.

The Lambs Club: Coaster

We were more than ready to order when we sat down.  This was @SingleGalNYC‘s (my partner-in-crime) first visit.  (I like sharing the places I love with my friends.)  Instead of ordering from the Drinks Menu, I decided to have the bartender, a.k.a. Dapper Mixologist (with the delicious-sounding accent from Cameroon–who will remain nameless), whip up whatever he wanted provided it was “sweet” (my only criteria).

I have no idea what was in this glass other than strawberries, but Oooooo, Mmmmm…yes, this was going to do just fine…

The Lambs Club: Yes, I had two Bartender Creations

@SingleGalNYC and I could not have been happier after our first few sips.  She indulged in a gingery concoction served in a tall glass.  

Note:  Our Dapper Mixologist, was as charming as ever.  Ladies, the bartenders here are real gentlemen — even when you’re flying solo.  Sure, you can always go to a bar and have “the usual”, but when you want something a little bit more “special” — and civilized, you’ve got to stop in a place like “The Bar”.  And gents, if you want your lady-friend to be treated to a place that’s both classy and walking distance from the bustling area of Times Square and Broadway, this is a great option.

You might have noticed, I haven’t mentioned anything about a meal. Unfortunately, we had to skip the bar food.  We were bursting after having dinner at Saju.  We could have had food if we weren’t so full.  After all, The Lambs Club has owner and “Iron Chef” Geoffrey Zakarian at the helm.  (FYI, he tweets.)

I had not one but two of my specially created cocktails by Dapper Mixologist before leaving.  Yes, only two.  It was getting late, and well, we needed to leave there the same way we came:  Like ladies.  I was after all wearing 5-inch platform heels.  It would not have been attractive falling down the stairs.  No, it would not. (My mother would be mortified at such a thing.)

So, until next time…

P.S.  Yes, the light fixtures over the bar are replicas of the Empire State Building.

The Lambs Club: The "Empire State Building" Light Fixtures


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