Get your “Marketing + Mish Mosh (Oh no!)” Newspaper Here! (Yep, a paper)

A quick post (don’t shake your head) — I promise, it will be short!

Since I have so much time on my hands (yeah, right), I decided to add one more item to my “to do” list.  I joined, an online-based newspaper publishing community.  Actually, publishers like me actually copy items, like news stories and articles found on the Web to their our own “newspaper” space.  You can then share the paper via social media or by e-mail.  Depending on the focus of your newspaper (this could be anything from music to madness) readers can subscribe or simply “follow” and share what you’ve posted within it, or the entire newspaper itself, with others.

Marketing + Mish Mosh (Oh no!) focuses on my this-is-what-I-get-paid-to-do job:  Marketing — and all that relates to it.  So, this could be: client (you might call it consumer) development, media/journalism, advertising, PR, media relations — any type of promotion, including social media, etc.

Note: “Mish Mosh” covers all the extras that are usually on my mind or as a topic of conversation, like food, travel, shoes…(fair warning)  Also, I’ll only be publishing weekly (we’ll, see how that goes — a daily just isn’t possible).

So, jump online (actually, if you’re reading this, you’re already online), click on the linked name below, it’s free!  Please bookmark and share with anyone who might consider themselves “marketers”, “communicators” or, if they’re simply curious:

Marketing + Mish Mosh (Oh no!)

Focus: Marketing, and then a whole bunch of other stuff related to communications...and mish mosh.

Focus: Marketing, and then a whole bunch of other stuff related to communications…and mish mosh.

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2 thoughts on “Get your “Marketing + Mish Mosh (Oh no!)” Newspaper Here! (Yep, a paper)

    • I know! With all that spare time, right? I’m hoping I can keep it up, but at least it’s a weekly, and the great thing is, as I read things, I can simply add them and move on. I don’t actually have to create content — just look for it.

      As for you — Pinterest! LOL. I’m telling you know, you’ll get on and before you know it, it’s four hours later! What’s your Pinterest link? I love pinning — although I do it bursts. But I have only a few followers, but it’s not about that for me — I do it for the love of the pin. LOL!

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