Inability to Focus: When there are simply too many things on the mind at once


I started this days ago and didn’t finish.  This is problem I’m having, not just right now, but consistently.  Like so many others, I have a lot on my mind. Some of the things I can control. Some, I can’t.  Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to focus, it just doesn’t work.  I feel I have it in me, but there’s so much going on in this head of mine, so much on my “to do” list at work, so much on my “to do” list at home —


I’m looking around my house and I have a million (okay, dozens) of things to do.  Can’t do them. Why? Because before I can do those, I have to say, do this blog post, for instance, or do errands or catch up with a friend or…

…It just goes on and on.

The work thing — really, the career thing (ugh) — sits in the group of the top three most consuming things in my head.  I’ve written about my day job before, so I won’t go there again.  But, when you’re at a place of great dissatisfaction and you know you need to do something…

  1. other things on your mind take focus because they’re like fires that need to be put out now
  2. you just can’t “handle it” or are not in “good place” — whatever that is or means at the time
  3. you need help but you don’t have the help
  4. you have the help but you both don’t have the time
  5. you feel defeated at the sheer magnitude
  6. it costs money


And, I know — you know — that’s not the right answer at all.  The problems remain.   

I’m constantly reminding myself that it could be worse.  True.  But the stress is real.  I think to myself:  If only I could get the top three things in my life in order, I’d actually feel a great sense of relief, like a giant weight off my shoulders.  

I wish.

Inner peace.  (That meditation seems very appealing again, but that stuff isn’t easy.  And see, yet another thing will be on my “to do” list.  Great.)

I’m stuck.

What’s your solution to keeping focused?  Any tips?  


2 thoughts on “Inability to Focus: When there are simply too many things on the mind at once

  1. I could have written this post. my “to do” list is way too long. I never finish it. There is always something I could be doing, or should be doing. Something always sucks my time. something always needs more attention. I’m a big fail around here lately. But I did manage to mop the floors yesterday…….

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