Five-Inch Heels and Five Foodie Adventures. What?? Yes!


Off to Las Vegas I went for a conference last week.  I was ready to experience the supposed “foodie” culture that had developed in the few years since my last visit.  Hmmmm….I’d see.

I had three places on my list to visit.  Unfortunately, my days at the conference would be long.  I knew I would only be able to make one of the three.  However, all was not lost.  With invitations to two private dinners (yes, I know, “winning” in every way), and one impromptu lunch, my visit to Vegas ended on a foodie high note.  Twenty-four hours after returning to New York, I was out to dinner with my favorite foodie partner-in-crime, @SingleGalNYC for a lovely French dinner.

With the exception of my last adventure (it was a rainy day), my 5-inch heels got a work out in balmy Las Vegas.  Believe me, I don’t leave home without them.

So, where did I go?  Take a look:

And for more adventures, hover over the second navigation area (above) entitled “Foodie Adventures” and continue hovering until drop down restaurant choices appear.


P.S.  I started with the lot below.  I came to my senses (if you want to call it that) and removed two pairs before packing. smh.



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