A personal “board of directors”? What? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Is this a new concept I’d never paid attention to before?  As I sat at a table having lunch with one of my senior level industry colleagues, she said, “You know I have a board of directors.”  Huh?  What’s that I thought?  It wasn’t clear.  Turns out, like me, she’s also  searching for a new career opportunity.  She begins to explain that she’d asked a few individuals (I’m not convinced they were all women) to be her “go to” “board” — they would meet periodically to assess career opportunities (beyond job title, beyond job description, they’d discuss salary and overall benefit packages — vacation, bonus, support staff), critique her personal value proposition, resume reviews, among other things.



This is a novel idea.

I’ve heard of many things — but not this.  And there’s been all this chatter for months about things like the male-female dynamic in the workplace and the need for women to take more chances — “leaning in” to opportunities — and men being supportive, moving women up and into the leadership ranks of business, sharing real power with men, who have traditionally held most of the power.

So my question — and this for women and men…

Have you heard of such a thing — going beyond simply having a friend or two, a family member or even a trusted colleague to “call on” individually for career advice — and actually carefully selecting a group of individuals — in and out of your industry — bringing them together and giving them the power to act with brutal honesty about your career direction as your personal “board of directors”?

Please chime in. What do you think of this idea?


3 thoughts on “A personal “board of directors”? What? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

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