NCL Breakaway to Bermuda | I thought: ‘I have insurance but I’m not sure it covers this (sh*t).’

Hello, Bermuda! Our home for three days.

Hello, Bermuda! Our home for three days.

Let’s take a step back to a week ago, shall we?  I mean, I’m among friends, right?

Soooooo, a week ago Sunday, The West Indian Mother and I stepped on board the Norwegian Breakaway, yep, the newest cruise ship sailing on the high seas right now. There we were at Pier 88 in New York City, two large and one small brimmed hat in hand, two suitcases in tow, two large carry on canvas bags, one of them with my shoes for the week.  (What? I needed to bring shoes. Don’t give me that side eye.)  Anyway, we were there early and zipped through Homeland Security and then were stuck on the long line to check in. We were filled with positive anticipation. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we were going on vacay, so no problem, right?  We could handle a wait.  But really, 40 minutes?  Didn’t they know I desperately needed to get away–and fast?

FINALLY, we get through the check in process, woo hoo!…Cue the Norwegian Cruise Line commercial theme music!  We practically sprint to the NCL security desk to swipe ourselves in for the first time.  (The Mother and I are fast walkers, so perhaps it wasn’t a sprint, but to the normal, average person, it probably looked like Norwegian was dangling a full plate of lobster with melted butter and garlic in front of us.)  Up the gangway and our first step on the Breakaway we were greeted by several members of the crew dancing away at the entrance.  That’s right, folks:  We. Had. Arrived.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By now, you’ve viewed the photo galleries I shared on this little-blog-that-could. If you didn’t, check here and here and here — the first is the food and, you know, the drinks I really enjoy from time to time, the second is the ship and the third is the Bermudian landscape and other miscellaneous sights.

Okay, I need one of these before I share this story…

Drink No. 1...Caipirinha with "extra sugar"

Drink No. 1…Caipirinha with “extra sugar”

Let’s fast forward to Bermuda, shall we?

We arrive in Bermuda on Day 4.  We decide we must be off the ship by 10 a.m. every day.  On our last day, we had to make it to the capital — St. George’s.

After an early morning rise, a round trip ferry ride from the Royal Naval Dockyard, hours of walking around the Bermudian capital that included a torrential downpour lasting about 45 minutes keeping us trapped in a local souvenir shop that I was all to eager to escape while it continued to rain, and no lunch, we returned to the ship weary. Somehow, however, the sea air went to my head because I promptly changed within seconds of entering our cabin and I was off to 3-story sports complex.  There’s an adventurous spirit within me. Sure, it was seemingly thousands of feet in the air, but I’ve lived this long and haven’t died (yet) — no problem.  If I can go on the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, I can do this.

The Brainy Pint Sizer would conquer the Ropes Course.

Norwegian Breakaway - A view of the 3-Story Sports Complex

Norwegian Breakaway – A view of the 3-Story Sports Complex

That’s the Ropes Course clearly visible at the top of the photograph above.  Looks harmless, doesn’t it?  Well, after getting strapped into a safety harness and instructed to “hold on”.  As I climbed the stairs (holding on, of course) to the landing or the starting point of the Ropes Course, nervous excitement began to consume me.

Then I got to the landing.

Get the *&$@ out of here. Oh H*ll No.

Just picture this. You get up there and you are so high (and I’m pretty tolerant of heights and always considered myself fearless) and then you look around and realize you could probably see New York City from where you were standing. Yeah, it was that high and below you was water. And the only thing between you and meeting your maker?  A harness, a single hand-held over-the-head security grasp and netting running alongside the ship.  O_O

I thought: ‘I have insurance but I’m not sure it covers this (sh*t).’

And although the ship was not moving (remember, we were still docked), those ropes were moving. There was wind. After all, it was high — mountain high.  Oh, and every kid who had zero fear was practically running through the course, shaking every rope and connecting rope their little feet could touch. smh.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I tried. I really tried.  Not once, but twice, I attempted to do the Ropes Course. I climbed the stairs to the landing two separate times, and both times I stood, almost paralyzed, at the thought of taking the first step on the first rope.  Both times, I left a frightened mother on the landing where she had been for about an hour.  (I think she may be still be there.)

At the end of the second time, there would not be a third. I’d gave up. The Ropes Course was now a personal failure.  I will forever feel cheated at not being able to complete the course and miss out on using the Zip Line and walking The Plank.  Yes, they have a plank that extends off the side of the ship at the other side of the Ropes Course — on the other opposite side of the ship. sigh.  It just kills me.

I was beaten by the Norwegian Breakaway Ropes Course.

*fights the air*

At least I’ll have the memories of getting to the landing and attempting to walk the Ropes Course.

*fights the air even more*


6 thoughts on “NCL Breakaway to Bermuda | I thought: ‘I have insurance but I’m not sure it covers this (sh*t).’

    • Haha! Yaaaaas, girl. You must really be enjoying yourself and I cannot wait to read more of your goings-on. P.S. I’ll be dropping in my comments this weekend. (This new mobile — I type away, press Reply, and then I don’t know what happens.)

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